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Published: 12 February 2024

We recently finished fitting a beautiful Pendle bleached stone shaker-styled kitchen, after removing an internal wall in the old design, creating an open-plan kitchen space, forming enough space for dominant kitchen features, and creating a sociable practical environment.

We are going into detail in this case study and breaking down how we closely collaborated with the Brocklebank family, included their design ideas, and delivered our fully project-managed service.

Mr and Mrs Brocklebank comments: ‘Our entire experience from start to finish has been exceptional - from the builders arriving to start to knock walls down, to the final finishing touches, our Passmore experience has been fantastic. We are thrilled with our new kitchen space, it is more than we could have imagined and has transformed our home. Each and everyone of the team, has been so professional, trustworthy and the workmanship is of the highest standard - they said they would look after our home and they did, we never came home to a mess and they gave us regular updates on how it was all progressing. Passmore Group absolutely delivered for us and went over and above on many an occasion, we cannot thank them enough.’

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Mr and Mrs Brocklebank had been thinking about refurbishing their kitchen design. The concept that they had in place was split into 3 different areas after a previous extension had taken place by the preceding owner.

There was a main kitchen area which was dated and had additional worktop space (very similar to a kitchen peninsula design layout. Extending into the next area of the kitchen, there was additional worktop space, and houses other kitchen electrical appliances.

Making up the last area of the kitchen was a small dining area that had connected doors opening up into the lounge area.

Thinking about the changes they wanted to include in the refurbishment, the couple wanted to make some internal structural alterations, and due to their busy schedules, set out to find a company that could offer a full design and fit service, with the skills and capacity to undertake all aspects of work.


The couple looked online for a local company that offers a full design and fit service. They came across our kitchens brand ‘More Kitchens’ and after briefly viewing the images and going through the information online they proceeded to book a free design appointment.

Our showroom consultant Laura contacted the couple to gather early information of what they were looking to achieve and see if our services could fulfill their needs.

Taking in the information on the phone, the couple explained to Laura that they were looking for a kitchen company that could do everything, from design to installation, make internal build adjustments within the kitchen, and project manage the entire project.

Laura confirmed that this is our remit of work explaining in detail our full project-managed service, and how we take care of everything from design to installation including the project management.

She also provided them with information about our expertise from designers, the installations team, and our reputable history of carrying out installations within the bathroom, building, and accessible bathroom solutions, under 5 brands all forming part of the Passmore Group.

The couple liked this and were happy with the information that they had received and were booked in with our designer Julie to visit them at their home.

Upon visiting Mr and Mrs Brocklebank’s home, Julie was taken to their kitchen and shown around the existing design and areas. She also went around surveying and measuring the kitchen.

The three of them then sat down to have an in-depth conversation about the existing design, and the couple’s expectations and discuss any potential kitchen ideas that they had. Then collaborate to come up with a new kitchen design.

Having looked at the existing kitchen, they kicked off with what the couple were looking to achieve.

Mr and Mrs Brocklebank wanted to remove the dividing wall and create an open plan kitchen because they wanted to create a family, sociable environment which an open-plan concept would achieve. They also discussed adding a wall into a different area of the room.

The couple were looking to have new kitchen appliances, flooring, and were leaning toward classical kitchen design, but not to give off an overwhelming traditional style atmosphere and to add some modern elements but not go overboard with it.

They were very specific that they did not want navy as the dominant colour in the kitchen but would opt for one of the lighter colour shades.

Mrs Brocklebank wanted a Belfast sink to be part of the new design. She’d had her heart set on having one for a long time.

Overall, they wanted to create an open plan design that would be open and sociable, in the case family or friends came over. Therefore, deciding to knock down the wall in between the rooms. Alongside that, they wanted a very practical design, that would give them ease of access to items but remain a homely kitchen.

Aside from their ideas, they wanted Julie’s expert advice in kitchen design and help them decide and come up with a new design that would incorporate their design ideas.

Having heard their thoughts, Julie confirmed that we could remove the wall, creating the open-plan kitchen they desired. She also proposed a range of integrated kitchen appliances, along with, fitting new kitchen flooring and other electricals that would seamlessly fit as part of the new design.

Taking into consideration the couple's wish to achieve a sociable and practical area, Julie suggested including a large multi-functional kitchen island as part of the design.

She had also assured the couple of being able to have fit the Belfast sink Mrs Brocklebank wanted.

When it came to the design of the kitchen, with the couple being specific on colour and design Julie proposed a shaker-styled kitchen design with small classic knobs to match.

Adding to her proposal Julie suggested pendle bleached stone with a stunning silkstone quartz worktop adding a modern touch to the design, whilst keeping its traditional overall design.

Julie behind the design - ‘Mr and Mrs Brocklebank had a large kitchen that was split up into different areas as you can see in the photos. They were very clear on what they wanted to achieve and wanted further guidance on them and other design elements that make up a kitchen. Collaboratively we managed to come up with their dream kitchen that not only gives a wow factor but is a very practical, sociable family environment.’

The couple were thrilled with Julie’s ideas and suggestions, she’d used her extensive design expertise and having listened to their ideas, she’d included them as part of her design proposal.

More than happy to move on to the next stage of our full design and fit service, Julie provided a provisional quote of the project, which they were happy with.

Julie then scheduled them for a second appointment to visit our Leeds Kitchen showroom, for a CAD presentation to show them how the finished design would look.

At the second appointment, Julie presented the couple with detailed visuals of the kitchen from different angles. Even reflecting the removed wall on the CAD design.

Delighted with the images of the kitchen, Julie then took them around to pick some small final kitchen finishing touches or any changes that they thought of making. Once they had finished making their choices and were happy, they proceeded to place an order.

The next step of the process the couple were contacted by Rob our kitchen project manager who provided them with installation dates. Rob, Tony our Build manager and Joe would make regular visits whilst the installation was taking place and would communicate with the builders, fitters, and the wider installations team to ensure that the project ran smoothly.


Multi-skilled fitter Andy came and ripped out the existing kitchen concept, before the build team came to remove the wall that divided the extended area of the kitchen and dining room, creating a large open-plan space.

Andy then built and installed a large, free-standing, kitchen island. The new dominant multi-functional kitchen feature was fit by the simple but effective pendle bleached stone shaker-style doors, with the modern Silkstone Carrera quartz worktop finish.

The eye-catching unit provided the couple with an informal eating area and a place to entertain and host their guests as a wine cooler was also installed.

Behind the kitchen island, two tall cupboards were fit with two eye-level kitchen appliances (a microwave and oven), creating an overall seamless kitchen experience, and it would make their daily lives easier.

Matching the kitchen island, and following the kitchen around including the two tall cupboards, fitted pendle bleached stone shaker units were installed, and were also wall hung providing the couple with extra kitchen storage space. Completing the unit’s installation, Silkstone Carrera quartz worktop were fit just like the one on the island.

As per the design a ceramic classic Belfast sink was seamlessly as part of the design, adding to the traditional elements of the kitchen design. A large double chefs pantry matching the rest of the kitchen design was built, this would gave the couple storage space to organise their kitchen and also make use of space.

Completing the design Camaro Wood Oak was fit around the entire kitchen design.

Our team had managed to fully-project manage the transformation of the kitchen, and different brands collaborated to ensure that Mr and Mrs Brocklebank and their family got their desired kitchen design, thanks to our full design and fit service offering.

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