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Published: 31 July 2023

Our most recent case study follows how we delivered our full design and fit service and transformed an existing kitchen into a beautiful Linear kitchen concept in Harrogate.

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A kitchen and dining room in Harrogate belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Crossley had not been updated since they had moved into the property. Similarly, the kitchen wasn’t working seamlessly due to the existing configuration.

The couple began to think about the idea of completely refurbishing their kitchen and dining room and had a few ideas in mind that they wanted to explore, but they first wanted to get the right company that could provide them with a full service.


Searching for a company in Yorkshire that offers a full service. The couple came across More Kitchens online and after seeing our full design and fit service they enquired online.

Mrs and Mrs Crossley were contacted by a member of our team who explained in detail our fully project-managed service, capabilities, and how More Kitchens is part of Passmore Group, a true family-run business, with a history spanning nearly 60 years.

Delighted with the information they were provided they were scheduled for a free design appointment, for one of our Senior Designers to go out to their home.

The couple were visited by our experienced designer Simon. The three of them sat down to have a detailed conversation about the existing design, the couple's expectations, and ideas, for the new concept.

Mr. and Mrs. Crossley expressed to Simon that they came to the decision that they wanted to refurbish their kitchen after seeing that a few features in the kitchen needed to be updated. Part of the conversation they also mentioned that both the kitchen and dining had limited light coming through and were quite compact.

As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Crossley were keen to explore knocking through the wall that joined the kitchen and dining and create a more open-plan kitchen. They also suggested removing the doors that lead to the conservatory to let more light in and provide more space.

Taking this in Simon, agreed with the couple that removing the wall would open the space, and provide more light. Considering their ideas Simon proposed a Contemporary Linear Kitchen Peninsula design with a layout incorporating a large open kitchen and dining room space.

Reflecting in the design were contemporary features around the kitchen, quartz worktops, and stunning white cabinets with integrated electrical kitchen appliances.

Mr. and Mrs. Crossley were delighted with the design proposal. Simon had listened to their ideas and incorporated them into the concept with his extensive knowledge and experience in kitchen design.

With the three now in agreement of the proposal, the couple were more than happy to continue the process. Simon provided them a provisional quote for the project and invited them for a second appointment at our stunning Harrogate Kitchen Showroom.

At the second appointment, Simon presented a range of detailed CADs of the proposed kitchen to help the couple envision how their upcoming kitchen would look. Happy with these, he then guided them around the showroom to pick their final kitchen finishing touches.

Once they had chosen their final fixtures and fittings, they proceeded to place an order with us.

Simon behind the design: - The ideas Mr and Mrs Crossley had were achievable; the key was to make sure that we could fine tune them. The couple still wanted to maintain the dining area as well as an open-plan kitchen concept, so it was important to make sure there was a feature that separated the two. With the new design, we also managed to get more lighting into the room.

Linear Kitchen Peninsula Refurbishment | Harrogate | More Kitchens

Prior to the kitchen work, the couple were introduced to our experienced Kitchen Project – Manager Rob. Rob would make trips to the house and liaise with our fitter Jason through the entirety of the project ensuring the project runs smoothly.

Mr. and Mrs. Crossley’s existing kitchen and dining room was completely stripped out and transformed into a large aesthetically pleasing Linear Kitchen design fit with clean and modern features.

Reflecting the design Jason knocked through the wall that joined both the kitchen and dining room creating a large kitchen space. However, a large post was fit to give a clear indication and divide the two areas.

The new design had an amazing wooden finish worktop that flowed around the kitchen design. Sleek white cabinets, with an in-line handle chrome finish, were fit complimenting the minimalist and contemporary features.

The peninsula kitchen worktop was wrapped around the purpose built post and fit with electrical kitchen appliances. An informal seating area also provided the couple with an space to eat and socialise, enhancing their overall kitchen experience.

Keeping in line with the wooden worktop feature, matching laminate flooring was fit in both areas of the kitchen and dining room so it flowed freely even though there were two different rooms.

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Senior Designer

Simon joined Passmore’s in the later part of 2017 following 20 successful years at interior design giants, Norwood Interiors, where he designed high quality kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms.

Starting his career at a young age Simon worked at a bathroom business in Huddersfield where he hand drew perspective design concepts having gained a HND qualification in interior design.

Working in and around the industry ever since, Simon now heads up the design and surveying team at Passmores. Working directly with the More Bathrooms & More Ability brands Simon's aim is to adopt a more collaborative approach making our ‘sales’ processes smoother and more efficient.

Bringing with him his years of experience, industry knowledge, natural design ability and creative flare Simon is also keen to keep a firm hand in designing and surveying projects for our domestic customers.

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