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Classic Kitchens.

A classic kitchen design blends beautifully into any home using the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary kitchen design concepts.

Paring down traditional elements, offering a plainer finish, is where the contemporary styling comes into play, resulting in a classic kitchen design that will stand the test of time.

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Very similar in concept to a traditional design, a classic kitchen offers similar detailing that's simply a little sleeker and not quite as complicated.

A classic kitchen may feature plainer wooden door panels, with potentially less depth to the insert. The five and one frame detailing may still feature but in a much more concise form. Five panel detailing is when the door frame is made up of five individual panels, whereas a one panel detailing is a single piece of wood that features a machine-routed section to give the same effect.

Top and bottom mouldings will also be less intrusive, typically designed with a singular straight line for substance.

Tongue and groove panelling remains a popular classic kitchen feature, bringing a contemporary element to an otherwise traditional design.

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Classic Kitchen Finishes.

Classic kitchens often feature a handled finish to the wooden doors, whether:

> A Sleek Chrome Pull Handle

> Wooden Knob

> Brass Finished Curved Concept

> Or A Combination Of Any Of The Above

A classic kitchen design typically features a contradictory colour scheme with contrasting tones selected for the door and work surfaces to add a warm and welcoming finish.

Bringing the entire design together, classic kitchens often conclude with a hardwood panelling or wood effect laminate to the floor which marries the classic concept in perfect harmony.

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Classic Kitchens Designed And Installed

Offering a full kitchen design and installation service if you're struggling to find the right balance between traditional and contemporary kitchen design then our team of experienced designers are ready and waiting to help.

To arrange a free design, survey and quote you can either book an appointment online, call a friendly member of our team, or visit one of our kitchen showrooms in Leeds , Harrogate and Mirfield to discuss your requirements in more detail.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver.

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