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Kitchen Island.

Aspirational and dominant a kitchen island is a statement feature many of us can only dream of.

A front and centre design piece, a kitchen island is a free-standing unit that can contrast or complement your kitchen design while offering additional worktop space, storage solutions or an area to eat, host and entertain.

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Kitchen Island Design.

Whether you’re wanting a kitchen island that complements your preferred style, or offers a contrasting balance across colour, texture or materials, the good news is any kitchen design, whether contemporary, linear, or traditional, can be seamlessly applied.

Contemporary Kitchen Island Designs

Offering a streamlined finish complimented by a flat door finish a contemporary kitchen island design offers clean, crisp lines to enhance the sleek appeal.

Linear Kitchen Island Designs

Creating an ultra-modern urban feel, a linear kitchen island design should include high gloss detailing, a solid but slim kitchen worktop and a inline or handle-less finish.

Traditional Kitchen Island Designs

Capturing the timeless beauty of older styles, a traditional kitchen island design relies heavily on hand painted wood finishes that should be consistently applied with the inclusion of tongue and groove end panels.

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Kitchen Island Ideas.

Kitchen Islands present multiple purposes and ideas, but prior to incorporating one into your overall kitchen layout, we advise you to strongly consider the golden triangle of kitchen design.

This is a fundamental kitchen layout theory that refers to the most practical location to store cook, and clean in the most efficient manner.

Once considered you can then make an informed decision on how best to utilise your kitchen island. Some of our favourite kitchen island ideas include:

> House a kitchen appliance

> Creates additional kitchen storage

> Provide an informal eating area

> Increases the kitchen worktop space


Kitchen Islands Designed and Installed

Offering a full kitchen design and installation service if you're wanting to renovate, or explore the possibilities of incorporating an Kitchen Island Design into your home then our team of experienced senior designers are ready to help.

To arrange a free design, survey and quote you can either book an appointment online , call a friendly member of our team, or visit one of our kitchen showrooms to discuss your requirements in more detail.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver.

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