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Linear Kitchens.

If you prefer clean lines and an ultra-modern aesthetic, then a linear kitchen is the minimalist kitchen design for you.

Using a combination of Germanic streamlined finishes coupled with industrial style kitchen concepts less is definitely more with a linear kitchen.

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When it comes to any kitchen design, especially linear kitchens, the process should always start with kitchen door styles.

Dictating the overall design, this then opens up your options for choosing your complimentary kitchen finishes including:

> Linear Kitchen Handles

> Linear Kitchen Worktops And Surfaces

> Flooring Options That Enhance Linear Kitchen Design

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Linear Kitchen Design.

With straight lines, square finishes and a no-curve concept, a linear kitchen design should include the below as a minimum in order to give it the sleek finish the industrial style kitchen embodies:

1. A high gloss minimalist kitchen door finish that features no additional detailing, bar the inclusion of a handle*

2. A handle-less or in-line handle chrome finish, complimented by vertical or horizontal trims

3. A solid slim surface that is typically derived from a high pressure laminate, no more than 20 mm in depth

3. A complimentary tiled or stone floor finish to add to the urban industrial style kitchen design

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Linear Kitchens Designed And Installed.

Offering a full kitchen design and installation service if you're ready to make your linear kitchen the heart of your home, then our team of experienced designers are ready to help.

To arrange a free design, survey and quote you can either book a design appointment online, call a friendly member of our team, or visit one of our kitchen showrooms to discuss your requirements in more detail.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver.

Our customers rate our fully project managed kitchen design and installation service 5* on Trust Pilot and our showrooms are home to 100's of thank you cards and letters of appreciation.

Linear Kitchen FAQ's

What is a linear kitchen design, and how does More Kitchen create sleek and functional linear kitchen spaces?

A linear kitchen design features a layout where the kitchen elements are arranged in a single, straight line. Using a combination of Germanic streamlined finishes coupled with industrial style kitchen concepts we can create a sleek and functional linear kitchen design.

Can I incorporate an island or additional countertop space in my linear kitchen design?

Providing you have the available space, we can create a linear kitchen design that accommodates additional countertop space or an island, seamlessly integrating either concept while adding functionality and style.

How can a linear kitchen design maximize space in smaller kitchen areas?

Offering a streamlined finished with simple clean lines and a flat door handle-less finish a linear kitchen concept lends it perfectly to small kitchen spaces. Furthermore, through the use of clever storage solutions and design trickery we can maximise your available space.

What type of cabinetry and storage solutions are available for a linear kitchen design?

We offer a range of cabinetry and storage solutions for linear kitchen designs, including sleek handle-less cabinets, pull-out drawers, and vertical storage options. These features optimise functionality and allow for convenient kitchen organisation.

Can I request energy-efficient appliances for my linear kitchen design?

Absolutely! Whether you’re wanting to include a sustainable worktop or kitchen flooring, eco-friendly lighting, hot water taps, induction hobs or efficient ovens and dishwashers we can help you choose your appliances and finishing touches that enhance your kitchen's functionality while contributing to energy savings and sustainability.