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Kitchen Handles.

When it comes to choosing your kitchen handles, your considerations should be entirely dictated by your kitchen design.

With handle-less, in-line or handle options you need to be choosing a kitchen handle style and finish that matches your kitchen design, whether that's:

> Traditional Kitchen Handles

> Contemporary Kitchen Handles

> Linear Kitchen Handles

> Classic Kitchen Handles

Traditional Kitchen Handles.

A true traditional kitchen should always feature a handle of some kind as this adds to the design concept. Traditional handles include options like:

> Chrome Pull Handles

> Wooden Knobs

> Brass Curved Hooded Pull Handles

It's always the finishing touches that cement the chosen design as with most interiors.

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Contemporary Kitchen Handles.

Offering a streamlined look and complimenting a flat door concept, contemporary kitchen handles are typically broken down into three main designs:

> Handle-Less

where the handle is built into the door frame or casing.

> Inline

where there is no visible handle or mould, however 'in line' spacing in between the units allows for access.

> Handled

where a handle is featured on the door itself and used to open and close the cupboard or drawer.

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Linear Kitchen Handles.

With straight lines, square finishes and a no curve concept, a linear kitchen design should include a handle-less or preferably in-line handle chrome finish.

Further complimented by vertical or horizontal trims, a linear kitchen should embody a sleek finish.

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Classic Kitchen Handles.

Featuring a handled finish to the wooden doors, whether:

> A Sleek Chrome Pull Handle

> Wooden Knob

> Brass Finished Curved Concept

> Or A Combination Of Any Of The Above

A classic kitchen design typically features a contradictory colour scheme with contrasting tones selected for the door and work surfaces to add a warm and welcoming finish.

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Full Kitchen Design And Installation Service.

As part of our full kitchen design and installation service we can help you make the right design-led decision when it comes to choosing your kitchen handles.

So if you're ready to make your kitchen the heart of your home them book a design appointment online. A free, no obligation service, an experienced designer will visit you at home to learn more about your requirements.

Alternatively you can call a friendly member of our team or visit one of our kitchen showrooms.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver.

Our customer rate our fully project managed kitchen design and installation service 5* on Trust Pilot and our showrooms are home to 100's of thank you cards and letters of appreciation.

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