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Published: 16 February 2022

Helping to tie kitchen designs together whilst adding a beautiful finish touch, we are often asked how to choose kitchen handles.

With a plethora of designs, shapes and sizes available we often advise you to choose a handle that matches your kitchen décor.

This article breaks down the different types of kitchen handles available and the kitchen styles they are best suited to.

Bar handles

Providing a practical and comfortable pull option, bar handles are fit horizontally and or vertically on the front of kitchen cupboards.

As one of the most popular kitchen handle choices, they are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes with the most popular being chrome, brass and black.

What kitchen styles are bar handles best suited in?

The sleek and simple designs of bar handles lend themselves best to contemporary and liner kitchen décors. Although their versatility means the can they fit well in all kitchen designs.

When choosing your bar handles consider that dark handles can create a beautiful contrast with lighter cabinet colours whilst brass and gold handles beautifully contrast against darker kitchen cabinet colours.

Cupped handles

Providing a rounded pull option, cupboards are opened by placing your fingers under the curve which helps to prevent visible finger marks.

They are available in a range of finishes including chrome and antique brass which create a classic and timeless finish. They are also often combined with knob handles.

What kitchen styles are cupped handles best suited in?

Often found in traditional kitchen designs, cupped handles are a great fit for shaker style cabinets.

Cupped handles with a rustic finish also tie in well with vintage kitchen decors.

Knob handles

Knob handles are a versatile and easy to pull circular handle fit on the front of cabinets.

They are available in a range of sizes and materials including ceramic, wood, brass and chrome.

What kitchen styles are knob handles best suited in?

Like cupped handles, Knob handles are often found in traditional kitchen designs as part of shaker style cabinetry. This styles often includes the handle being made out of the same wood of the cabinet door or with a rustic antique finish.

They can also however a great fit for contemporary kitchen designs with brass and gold knob handles adding a touch of glamour.

Hidden handles

Unlike other handle options that are fit on the front of kitchen cabinets, hidden handles (also known as inline handles) are integrated and concealed at the top of the cabinet. The lip of the handle then comes out slightly further than the draw allowing users to pull the cupboard open.

They are available in a variety of chrome finishes.

What kitchen styles are hidden handles best suited in?

The modern and discreet designs of inline handles lend themselves well to contemporary kitchen decors.

Handleless options

If you feel none of the handle styles above are for you, you may wish to install opt for a handleless design where the handle is built within the door framing or casing.

If you wish to gather further information on how to choose kitchen handles as part of our full design and fitted kitchen service book a design appointment online today or call a friendly member of our team.

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