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Published: 18 August 2020 · Last Updated: 29 August 2023

Shaker-style kitchens have been around for centuries, and the most obvious reason behind that is that they remain one of the more popular designs people go for in their kitchens.

The question you’re probably asking yourself is, can a shaker-styled kitchen be applied to my kitchen plan? Absolutely, to clear it up, they can be part of all kitchen layouts.

Now you probably want some inspirational ideas to go with that.

With the help of our team of kitchen experts, we have put together a list of ideas for a shaker-style kitchen, that should be considered if you’re going down the route of revamping or making little updates to your kitchen concept.

Firstly, though, what is a shaker-style kitchen?

Shaker-style kitchens are a popular choice for their timeless design and simplicity and durability. Known for their characterised clean lines, and quality construction. The style originated in the 18th century with the ‘Shakers’ group that valued simplicity and functionality.

The Shakers migrated to the United States where they established communities in New England. Renowned for their self-sufficiency and commitment to simplicity, and use of only high-quality materials.

Ten design tips for a Shaker-style kitchen design

As we have mentioned earlier in the article, we have picked out ten shaker-style kitchen ideas with the help of our team that we think you should definitely consider once you're certain that a shaker kitchen is the one for you. Covering all bases from, colour, design, and practicality.

1. Embrace the shaker-style!

The best idea to truly get us underway. As we now know what a shaker-style kitchen is and that the style can be part of any kitchen layout.

So why not opt for a timeless aesthetic design? Built for durability, unbeatable quality, not to forget thanks to its high levels of craftsmanship.

2. Go with a bold colour

All sorts of colours can be incorporated into your shaker kitchen. In fact, there is a variety of shades and tones that can perfectly make up your kitchen combination.

Painting your cabinets in a bold eye-catching colour can really add a touch of personality to your kitchen design.

Take for instance you walk into a kitchen that is blue it’s unusual, right? It certainly stands out and provides a wow factor and gives an insight into your personality.

Whether a traditional shaker style kitchen, contemporary or classic we would recommend choosing neutral pastel colours and in some instances, particularly in contemporary kitchen design, accenting those colours for a more characterful look.

Another option often used mainly within a contemporary setting, is to create a contrast by combining two colour choices, one neutral and one accent, to really accentuate statement features to offer a subtle yet stunning modern shaker style kitchen design. We can see in the below image that that’s been effectively done by accenting the kitchen island feature with a bold and deep colour.

Below are a range of colour choices, all of which have been carefully selected to compliment a shaker style kitchen design.

3. Create a statement island

The majority of us dream of an island that can go in our kitchen. It is the statement piece, the focal point.

Enhance your shaker-style kitchen with a unique countertop, with bold lighting features and even look to have a built-in wine rack to really make your kitchen island stand out.

4. Keep it simple

As we all know, simplicity is genius. The same goes for a shaker-styled kitchen. Of many reasons for its popularity is that the design is practical and functional. The shaker cabinets and doors are uncluttered and elegantly aesthetic that can be fit across different kitchen concepts and layouts.

5. Farmhouse sink

Fitting a classic farmhouse sink that is a perfect addition to any shaker-styled kitchen design, adding both functionality and style to your design.

Typically featuring as part of classic or traditional styled designs, they’re deeper than other types of kitchen sinks, and super beneficial for meal prep.

6. Add a modern twist

While the shaker has been around for centuries and is linked to a traditional styled kitchen. It can be altered to have modern twists and recent features as part of the design.

We encourage you to not fear and go for those contemporary fixtures that you desire. Consider which sleek smart appliances, and minimalist lighting fixtures fit seamlessly into your vision. After all, who doesn’t want the most up-to-date features given the chance?

7. Kitchen lighting arrangements

The right kitchen lighting is essential when wanting to emphasise a kitchen design. Whether a shaker kitchen or any other kitchen style, lighting will literally showcase the space in its finest light.

Shaker style kitchen lights should reflect the functional and practical ethos of the shaker tradition. So, consider simplistic but stylish lights without unnecessary decoration.

There are a range of lighting options available that fit this bill, whether spotlights, pendant lighting, wall lighting or recessed focused lighting.

8. Kitchen handle preferences

Similar to all your kitchen finishing touch choices, when it comes to choosing your kitchen handles your options should be led by your chosen style.

Traditionally and in keeping with the simplistic ethos, the handles would have been made of the same wood as the rest of the cabinet. Sticking with shaker style kitchen tradition but giving it a modern twist, minimal metal handles look great on shaker cupboards.

Available in a range of finishes and colours whether matt brass, chrome silver or painted wooden handles, you can choose between pull, knob or curved handle options.

9. Shaker kitchen worktop options

Traditionally, shaker kitchens would have used wooden worktops, but nowadays people choose a material like quartz or granite to stand out and give the kitchen a modern twist. Worktops are always a stand out aspect that will really showcase your kitchen’s personality, whatever style it’s in. When it comes to choosing your kitchen worktop you typically have six options, which you can discover in more detail on our dedicated kitchen worktops page.

10. Shaker-style kitchen flooring choices

As with all kitchen design choices when choosing your kitchen flooring your options include:

> Tiles

> Hardwood

> Stone

> Laminate

> And Vinyl

Any of the above can be applied within a shaker style kitchen setting however depending on your chosen style some will complement the overall design more than others. To keep with the simplicity of the original style, stay away from overly decorative tiles. Think instead clean lines, and durability.

For example, if your preference is a traditional shaker style kitchen then we would recommend opting for either a stone finish or a matt tile. In a contemporary setting, a gloss tile, light oak hardwood, laminate or vinyl would work well.

Need help designing your shaker-style kitchen?

That is our top shaker-style kitchen ideas complete. We aim to not only inspire with these ideas but also show what will be functional and practical for the shaker-style kitchen design.

The shaker-style kitchen design can lend itself to the majority of kitchen styles whether traditional, contemporary, or classic. What highlights your chosen style is the amount of rail detailing on the cupboard door and the choice of finishing touches.

At More Kitchens, we’re experts in all aspects and areas of kitchen design. Furthermore, we’re a true full-service provider, managing the entire kitchen renovation project from start to finish with an in- house team of multi-skilled installers who will bring your chosen design to life.

To start your kitchen renovation journey you can call a friendly member of our team, visit one of our kitchen showrooms in Leeds or Mirfield or book a free design appointment online.


What is a shaker-style kitchen design?

Known for its durability, high standards top class quality. Shaker-style kitchens are known for its simple clean-lined design. Ultimately the shaker-style community would tell you they’re simple and functional.

What materials are commonly used for shaker kitchen cabinets?

The materials associated with shaker kitchen cabinets are typically wood, but the type of wood would be sustainable oak, birchwood maple or walnut. That being said they can also now be made from other materials such as MDF or particleboard that are painted to look like wood.

What are some tips for maintaining a shaker-style kitchen?

It is important that you clean the cabinets regularly using a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth. Avoid using clothes or sponges that can scratch the finish. To finish be quick to address any spills or stains promptly to prevent damage to the cabinets.

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