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LED Kitchen Lighting.

Focusing primarily on LED lighting instruments, it's how and where they can be installed that will help showcase your new kitchen in its finest light. Covering:

> Kitchen Spot Lights

> Kitchen Wall Lights

> Low Level Kitchen Floor Lighting

> Recessed Kitchen Lighting

It's important that you give strong consideration towards choosing the right kitchen lighting, as it's an essential element in accentuating your kitchen design.

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Kitchen Spot Lights.

Kitchen spot lights are typically used as your main form of illumination and installed in your ceiling.

Also known as 'task lighting', spot lights are the brightest form of lighting, which are used to target the main working areas such as worktops, cooker and the sink.

Spot lights can also be installed under kitchen cabinets to enhance focused lighting even further.

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Kitchen Wall Lights.

Wall lights are the most standard and traditional form of kitchen lighting - and any home lighting in general. They are featured and installed exactly how you'd imagine.

Once referred to as a sconce, wall lights are affixed to a wall in such a way that it uses only the wall for support. Now typically installed in hallways and corridors, this form of lighting can be incorporated in a kitchen design and are a great option if you’re wanting to create an intimate atmosphere, perhaps around the dining area.

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Low Level Kitchen Floor Lighting.

Low level lighting, also known as floor lighting, is a great way to give your new kitchen design that added wow factor.

Typically installed in plinths, low level kitchen floor lighting also looks great when incorporated into an island, which is usually placed at the centre of a kitchen layout.

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Recessed Kitchen Lighting.

Recessed lighting, also know as feature and accent lighting, in kitchen design is often used within niches or cabinet interiors to highlight and accentuate specific features with a soft, mood enhancing, back light.

Creating a warm and calming form of illumination, incorporating recessed kitchen lighting within your kitchen design can really help bring the room to life.

Full Kitchen Design And Installation Service.

As part of our full kitchen design and installation service we offer an all-inclusive range of kitchen lighting options and the installations of such.

So if you are ready to renovate your existing kitchen with a focus on accentuating your kitchen design why not book a design appointment.

Alternatively you can call with a friendly member of our team or visit one of our kitchen showrooms.

We hope you found the infomation on this page useful. For more information on read our comprehensive guide to kitchen lighting which covers how to plan kitchen lighting into your design, the types of kitchen lighting available and the importance of proper installation.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver.

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