How much value does a kitchen renovation add to your home?

Published: 28 May 2024

Kitchens are the central hub - the heart of the home some say. As you can imagine a lot of thought goes into a kitchen design,to make sure it meets the needs of your personality, and that its user's needs and requirements are met also with a slice of each of their design preferences.

Many more elements go into a kitchen design and the creation of an individual’s dream culinary space.

The outcome of your dream kitchen is worth the well-thought-out process.

How much value does a new kitchen add?

This topic of ‘how much value does a new kitchen add to house value’ can be controversial within the home improvement industry. We must say, it is subjective to one's perspective. Let’s give a little bit of a breakdown.

As a percentage, a brand new kitchen installation can increase your house value between 5 - 6% but bear in mind that this also depends on the type of house, its location, and the most important factor being the market and its inflation rate.

As a rule of thumb within the industry, it is believed to add that kind of value to your home, look to spend between 5 - 15% of the house value on the kitchen to get the desired house increase.

This is the recommendation for a kitchen refurbishment to keep in line with the rest of the house value.

Kitchen expert Rob Hands said:

“Although a new kitchen can boost the value of your home, it is crucial to invest strategically.

You've got to remember that even investing 10% of your house value into the refurbishment of your kitchen, may not get you a proportionate yield.

It all depends on how you look at it. Refurbishing your kitchen certainly makes it more sellable than other properties with a similar house price and location.

As an interested buyer doesn’t necessarily have to think about kitchen refurbishment straight away (unless they want to, of course) and can focus on other areas of the house. (As the kitchen value will be embedded as part of the overall house value.)

Whereas if a similar house and price may not have a recently refurbished home, an interested party might think that they will have to spend X amount on top for a kitchen refurbishment. But it could be something you already accounted for.

But the rule of thumb it is to spend roughly between 5 - 15% of your house value on your kitchen renovation to keep the home value.

For instance, the average house price in the UK is around £280,000.

(Actual £284,691 as of December 2023 - according to statistia)

So at 5% that is a refurbishment of £14,000, a 10% is £28,000 and a 15% refurbishment is £42,000.

At More Kitchens, we base producing value for our clients, delivering for them their dream kitchen.

If your focus is around looking to increase the value of your home, a kitchen renovation can certainly help, in this article, we are going to be breaking down the different factors of a kitchen renovation and how much value a new kitchen can add to your home.

Kitchen renovation considerations

The value addition of a kitchen renovation is dependent on the scope of the project and the quality of materials that are used.

We’re going to break down key elements of the area that can have a significant impact on your kitchen value and how it can increase the price of your home.

The value addition of a kitchen renovation is dependent on the scope of the project and the quality of materials that are used.

We’re going to break down key elements of the area that can have a significant impact on your kitchen value and how it can increase the price of your home.


> Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, door style, and materials are wide and complex. That being said it can impact how much value a kitchen renovation adds to your home (or should we say how desirable it is).

The cabinet (the inside) excluding the door can be a different material to the door you decide to pick.

Most of the inside of the cabinets are made up of composite recycled material known as chipboard too which can be veneered or laminated.

But the cabinet door can then have a solid wood or an MDF finish, for example, with a design depending on the individual’s preferences.

So you can focus on the design of the cabinet door and how much money you spend on that will make your kitchen more attractive and increase the value of your home, especially if it is part of a kitchen renovation.

Industry experts, such as ourselves at More Kitchens, and others can help to educate individuals on kitchen materials for kitchen cabinets that can take both your budget and design preferences into consideration.

Some of the most sought-after kitchen cabinet materials include:

> Solid wood


> Birch

> Melamine

> Worktops

Choosing the right worktop material is essential as it is a major visual element that takes up a large surface area (you could say above the ground). It contributes heavily to the overall style.

Even though there are various worktop materials available, the main kitchen functional area is the worktop area and it is important that regardless of the budget, you’ll want to make sure that the surface is scratch and stain-resistant. Designs and styles are available in abundance across different surface materials and finishes. Some of the most popular worktop materials include:

> Granite

> Quartz

> Laminate

> Marble

> Porcelain

Prices can also vary depending on the type of worktop the user chooses and the style and finish.

A beautiful worktop finish can almost certainly have a huge say on how much value a new kitchen adds to your home.

When most people walk into a kitchen design the kitchen worktop is one of the first things you lay your eyes on and take in for sure as it certainly counts as your workstation around the kitchen.

> Flooring

Replacing the floor is a well-considered component of a kitchen refurbishment, as it can complement your kitchen design.

We should mention that choosing the kitchen flooring is just as important if not more, some would say it can impact the outlook and feel of the kitchen design.

To give you a bit of a visual, opting for the hardwood flooring can add warmth and classic or traditional appeal to the room.

On the other hand, ceramic & porcelain tiles are a great classic choice for modern kitchen design.

Flooring is super important as it contributes heavily to the kitchen's functionality.

You have to make sure that it is as durable, safe and water-resistant as it can be (kitchen floors are susceptible to spills), and just like anyone else comfort comes near the top of our list of priorities.

The cost of kitchen flooring can vary depending on the material that you go for.

Stone tile's popularity is down to its natural, unique beauty and shiny appearance. It's a natural durable material and easy to maintain.

Whereas vinyl and laminate flooring are the cheaper options that are available to you.

Other kitchen flooring options include:

> Laminate

> Tile

> Vinyl

> Porcelain

> Engineered hardwood

> Ceramic

> Appliances

Kitchen appliances can influence the value of the kitchen mainly by complimenting the design and its overall functionality.

Relating to an earlier part of this article on how a kitchen can add value to your home, we briefly touched upon how it helps your kitchen become more appealing to interested buyers. Having the most recent or relatively new appliances can entice the buyer to purchase the house.

Within all industries, smart technology is on a rapid rise and the same is true for kitchens and the adoption of smart appliances.

They allow the users to have better control, connecting to their smartphone, and voice control.

A multitude of smart appliances are available including:

> Kinetic lighting

> Downdraft extractors

> Smart fridges

> Hot taps

Smart kitchens appliances are hugely favoured as they can also save time, and reduce energy consumption.

Budget renovation

Keeping the costs low, we will be looking into areas that will help individuals to make changes but still come out with a brand new kitchen design.

On average, a full kitchen refurbishment will cost £6,200. However, this can typically stretch to £16,800 on a budget renovation.

> Material

> Cabinets

If you’re looking to keep costs low for your kitchen then for kitchen cabinets you can look to use flat packs, that can be built up for fitting.

It would be worth the time to find companies that offer good-quality cabinet materials that will be suitable to your budget range.

The price can usually begin at around £500 for cabinets up to £1,000 + depending on the material you go for and the amount you will need depending on the size of the kitchen.

> Worktops

As for worktops, the average price tends to be around £600, although if we are just looking at budget-friendliness then the best worktop materials that people can opt for are usually laminate and quartz.

Laminate is the most favourable option for worktops in households due to its affordability, durability and ease of maintenance. You also have a choice of various colours and designs in laminate material that can seamlessly be integrated as part of your kitchen design.

Quartz is known for its beauty as well as durability, it can sit on the more expensive side depending on the items, however for the worktop there are quartz composites that can provide a balance to give of cost and design cost.

> Flooring

Opting for the laminate flooring option would be the most appropriate option for a budget-friendly kitchen. The laminate kitchen is a solid wood that is popular in households mainly for its durability, with its resistance to easy scratches, stains and heat.

In terms of the most adequate option, would be the luxury vinyl tile flooring (also known as LVT) which can show as either real wood or stone and is made up of strong layers that can resist everyday wear and tear. It is also a reliable water-resistant choice, that can handle spills without giving you problems.

> Appliances

However, to keep in line with a budget-friendly refurbishmen, it would be to search the internet and search for the items that would be a necessity for you and the users who will be using the kitchen design. Having a look at schedules would be great for reference, and help in the decision.

We advise going for appliances that are on the lower end of energy consumption.

It is reported that around 4% of your energy bill can be spent powering kitchen appliances, mostly including hob, oven kettle and microwave.

On average, a budget-friendly kitchen will cost individuals between £5,000 - £10,000, in terms of how much value a new kitchen adds to a home can be calculated in two ways.

Either you can take the existing value of the home and add the value of the kitchen or work it out as a percentage to calculate the increase in kitchen value.

Standard renovation

If individuals are looking to spend a bit more on the kitchen and want to spend a bit more on a kitchen refurbishment.


> Cabinets

In a step up from budget materials, a standard kitchen refurbishment can offer a balance of durable materials that can also be aesthetically pleasing and a valuable price.

For a standard kitchen refurbishment, your best options are either solid wood or engineered wood materials. Both of them provide a natural wood warmth and look of solid wood, however they’re hard and will not need replacing for years.

Solid wood cabinets are more on the costly side for kitchen cabinets and therefore in terms of price you’ll find that they will be built to order depending on the type of solid wood the individual opts for.

The same usually applies to engineered wood materials, they are usually of bespoke ordering.

It would be worth enquiring from professionals, such as ourselves at More Kitchens, to get some rough costings of cabinets for both engineered and solid wood.

> Worktops

Composite worktops are one of the most on-trend kitchen features. They allow people who want to spend more on kitchens to install the more high-end features without spending more premium prices

Composite kitchen worktops consist of a variety of materials that are then fused to make the worktop.

This allows individuals to have fit natural stones they desire, such as Granite and Quartz.

The more expensive composite materials can be laminates and wood due to their complexity and performance.

Despite this, they are perfect options for users who want to spend more money on their kitchen renovation, as they are typically higher quality in material and can remain intact for approximately 25 years.

Quartz and Granite materials will cost on average £800 and £850 for a 5m2 (and 600mm depth) standard countertop.

> Flooring

A kitchen refurbishment flooring might account for up to 7% of the kitchen refurbishment.

It is a well-thought-out feature that the user will duly think about, especially if there committing to spending more money when it comes to their renovation.

Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT) can come in numerous styles and the best thing about it is that it can imitate the natural substances, such as wood stone, which people highly desire.

It is also quite easy to maintain needing just a sweep and mop for general cleanliness around the kitchen.

The average cost of mid-range quality LVT per square metre can start from £35 and rise to £40 and more depending on the finish you are aiming for.

Tiling the floor with ceramic or porcelain is the usual go-to option for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, as they’re both likely to have water spillage, and both materials offer a water-resistance feature.

Both are extremely beautiful in a high kitchen traffic area as they can withstand flooring that can withstand wear and tear.

For both materials, you can expect to start paying from £15 per square meter.

> Appliances

As for appliances for a standard kitchen renovation, you can almost definitely increase the value of the home with the integration of smart appliances. Some of the appliances may be features such as a smart fridge which tells you what exactly your fridge contents are.

Hot taps are becoming more popular in households they offer plenty of benefits from instant boiling water, saving you time boiling the kettle and money on the energy bills.

Putting these elements together (of course considering the size of a kitchen also) spending more money on a kitchen for a more standardised bespoke design can averagely cost individuals a starting cost of £10,000 - £20,000+.

Within that range, the percentage increase of the house value tends to usually be between 7-10%.

Luxury renovation

Moving on to a luxury kitchen installation, this type of kitchen tends to be a bespoke design featuring high-end materials, and very much is personal to the individual's personality.

They are usually built to last for a long time so it would be advisable to choose cabinet materials that are just trendy.


> Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets focus on the high-end and detailed level craftsmanship of materials.

As we have mentioned in this article, kitchen cabinets can be made up of cheaper materials but still be durable.

However, the door can be a different material giving a luxury plush finish to the cabinet.

But for an all-luxury kitchen renovation, the cabinet will be of high-end material.

> Solid hardwood

The luxury cabinet materials that people tend to go for include solid hardwood such as:

> Oak

> Cherry

> Walnut

These are highly sought after given their natural beauty and strength and their ability to be painted which can provide a timeless appearance.

They are always in trend and can be customised to match the cabinet door you go for.

> Premium veneers

They are made up of thin layers of wood that are mostly plywood or MDF. They can provide a luxurious finish and tend to be cheaper than solid wood materials.

For the contemporary-modern styles, you could choose to go for metal and glass that are included in the high-end cabinet, which will give a nice smooth finish appeasing on the eye. Options:

> Stainless steel

> Aluminium

What makes them appealing is that even if it is scratched, they can be buffed out and restored to a smooth appearance.


The worktop is an integral piece of the kitchen design. To stress its importance, think of it like a bespoke suit - yes the design, tailoring and stitching are important, however it is also the fabric that will play a major role in the outcome.

Luxury kitchens are all about the visual outcome (like the suit) and creating an impressive space.

The worktop should be cohesive with the overall design, and be in tune with the kitchen cabinets, floor and other kitchen finishing touches.

Granite is a popular worktop choice, known for its durability and natural beauty. It is a natural stone that is resistant to scratches stains and heat.

These are some of the most important factors, as well as coming in a variety of colours and patterns which are easy to match with many kitchen designs.

Marble is another material that is closely associated with the luxurious elegance of a kitchen.

Another natural stone that is known for its unique soft colours, timeless beauty and durability.

It has been used for centuries and remains a popular choice in mainly classic or contemporary kitchen designs.

Just like granite, it is naturally heat-resistant making it suitable for hot pots and dishes.

The final option we think would work well in luxurious kitchen refurbishment is opting for the choice of luxury wood kitchen worktops.

The solid wood worktops add character and warmth to your kitchen design, they are long-lasting given that they’re properly maintained to keep them in pristine condition.

> Flooring

On the luxurious side of things for flooring, we have a few options that would work best with an overall kitchen design.

A luxury kitchen design needs a harmonious mix of high-quality materials, and of course ensuring that it is functional, which gives the space that is available a complete lift.

The one that most people associate with luxury kitchen flooring is hardwood flooring.

An ideal pick that will never go out of fashion the hardwood options available to us are:

> Ash

> Walnut

> Oak

> Mahogany

These features are on the high-end of the wood flooring options that would go hand in hand with a luxury kitchen design.

An excellent option for a kitchen that especially has many members using the area as it will withstand the traffic and potential wear and tear more effectively than other kitchen floorings.

Next up is the choice of ceramic tiles amongst the other luxury kitchen flooring options. It is the most versatile with a variety of colours, patterns and finishes in gloss and matte.

This gives homeowners that extra personalisation to create a unique design that is accustomed to their tastes and preferences.

In comparison to the natural stones and hardwood flooring options, it is slightly cheaper than the other options, offering excellent value for money.

> Appliances

It would only make sense if a kitchen has top materials, to match it with top-of-the-range kitchen appliances.

It would be to look at the kitchen design and look for appliances/gadgets within the kitchen that will improve your overall kitchen experience.

This could be to install half-height ovens, which can be merged as part of the cabinets, and increase the overall cohesive concept. Depending on which specification and features of a half-height oven you decide to go for, they can come in with warming cupboards (to keep your food and plates warm) they can offer a microwave option, and a slide and hide option.

Rangemaster cookers are also closely related to luxury bespoke kitchens mainly due to their brand perception and quality of being AGA ovens, but you’ll most likely see these in a shaker-style, traditional kitchen design.

Just like in a standard kitchen, hot taps are a rising kitchen appliance that is becoming increasingly popular, as it is energy-efficient, and instant, taking away the need for a kettle.

As we enter a more technologically advanced future, there will be an increase of smart appliances that can be seamlessly integrated into a kitchen design, these will include fridges that will allow notify you of its contents.

Downdraft extractors also help hobs to reduce smells, grease and steam.

A bespoke luxury kitchen holds a lot of personality that is related to the designer's interests and preferences.

Typically, individuals who decide they want a luxury kitchen fitting will spend between 10-15% of the home value on the refurbishment.

However, that doesn’t always translate to an increase of value to the exact percentage or how much has been spent on the renovation.

The return on investment won’t be as high as it is for a budget-friendly and standard kitchen refurbishment

With the amount of personalisation and material costs that go into a luxury kitchen, individuals can expect to spend approximately £30,000 and more.

Improved quality of life

A kitchen is the central hub of the home, some would say where most of the entertainment takes place.

For that reason, its practicality must meet the requirements of those who are going to use the kitchen.

After all, it can inspire creativity and more home-cooked meals, which would promote healthier meals, lifestyles and family bonding opportunities.

To achieve this in a kitchen you want to consider the golden triangle of design that is fundamental in creating a kitchen design.

Following this triangle, you will be able to place the most practical storage location and appliances rotationally, which ultimately forms a triangle.

This makes your kitchen and home more desirable to potential buyers as they will be more than likely to pay for a space that is pleasing to the eye and functioning well.

Just having a beautiful kitchen space, that meets all of your requirements, can give you that complete satisfaction and boost your mood.

Kitchen trends / features which add the most value

As with anything, kitchens go through trend periods having them as part of your kitchen design will surely impact how much value a kitchen or a new kitchen adds to your home.

> Maximising storage

Maximising the storage in the kitchen can increase the value of a home. It helps to keep the kitchen clean and tidy and works well for the workflows, making it easier to access items depending on the design.

Storage solutions, such as utilising the corner, can add a surprising amount of storage spacing despite the looks saying otherwise.

Corner storage can also have a pull-out feature that will save you from having to reach the back of the storage to reach the contents of the cupboard.

> Multi functional islands (Kitchen island)

Kitchen worktops are a dream feature for most people. They are ‘the’ defining kitchen feature that just takes the design to another level.

What makes them more special is that they offer more than just visual beauty. They bring a multifunctional purpose to the kitchen, offering a place to prepare food, socialise, and eat.

Pulling that together brings multiple uses to a kitchen which makes it appealing to people who are looking for new kitchen design.

> Smart appliances

Smart appliances are increasingly being integrated into all areas of our lives to improve our daily lifestyles and kitchens are no different.

There are features like smart fridges, hot taps, and kitchen extractors. More devices and appliances are available and can even connect to your phone and WiFi for ease of use.

However, they are also designed to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

> Timeless colours

In a kitchen renovation, it is best to go for colours such as grey, white, and beige for the majority of the features, including cabinets and worktops. These colours never go out of style or fashion and can easily adapt to the trends and can be seamlessly combined with the user's tastes.

> Mixed materials

Combining kitchen materials can help to zone kitchen spaces giving a clear indication of the areas.

Mixing materials can help to soften the kitchen look and create a more inviting space, especially if you’re considering a multi-generational kitchen.

This can be intriguing to those who are looking into purchasing a new home as they will pay close attention to the design intricacy and mixture.

> Sustainable choices

As a whole, we are trying to become more sustainable in as many areas as we can, to be more environmentally friendly for generations to come.

This could be opting for recycled materials, energy-saving appliances, and even eco-friendly finishes.

This will appeal to the masses who are environmentally conscious buyers.

Aside from this, it could be to make simple eco-friendly practices that will ensure that the individual and the household are committed to becoming environmentally friendly, bringing a sense of satisfaction.

Renovation pitfalls to avoid

On one side of the coin, we’ve had a look at the different values of kitchens depending on the quality and how much an individual is willing to spend.

To balance it out there needs to be an analysis of some of the things to keep an eye on.

> Unrealistic budget

Setting the kitchen renovation budget is the cornerstone of the kitchen's refurbishment.

There are a few points to consider before coming to a final budget decision.

One of the first is to take into consideration your property value. It would be worth finding out the cost of your home and if any kitchen renovations have been made within the area to give you a rough idea of your potential return on investment.

The next step would be to prioritise the essentials and what you’re looking to achieve for the overall kitchen design.

This could be looking at if you’re considering build work, the type of kitchen (budget-friendly materials, standard renovation or a bespoke luxury kitchen)

As part of the essentials list:

> Materials

> Plumbing work

> Electrical work

> Major Appliances

It would be worth having a list of ‘wants’ that would go alongside the essentials list and revisit it if the budget allows it, but it would be to define what exactly is essential for the new design and what can wait.

The next step is to start researching places and contractors that can source and look to help and support you by going through the steps of planning, and designing your kitchen renovation with ease.

We have a team of professionals who can project manage the entirety of your kitchen refurbishment from design through to installation.

Part of the process of a kitchen refurbishment is to leave a bit of a budget for unforeseen costs that may crop up in the project. Between 10-15 % of your budget is to be set aside for this.

Like most things, when you’re searching for materials you get quotes from different companies and contractors to give you an idea of how much the project will cost.

> Impulse decisions

Another shortfall to stay away from is making impulse decisions throughout the renovation, and it is to stick to the plan and the budget set.

> Ignoring workflows

We mentioned in this article that there is a ‘golden triangle rule’ of kitchen design that experts and those considering a kitchen renovation would need to use to create a functional flowing kitchen concept.

> Neglecting storage

Storage is a necessity in a kitchen design and shouldn’t be underestimated. It makes the kitchen more functional keeps it well-organised, and provides a much more enjoyable experience.

> Following fads

Kitchen designs that never go out of style are a good investment towards the home as they will keep the value and reduce the need to consistently update and keep up with kitchen trends.

It also helps if you’re looking to sell the home having colours that never go out of style, it will make it more desirable for buyers.

How can we help you add value to your home with a new kitchen?

People tend to go for a kitchen renovation to either increase the value or they want a new design, but usually, it is a mixture of both.

You must consider all of the financial aspects that come with renovating a kitchen and whether the amount you’re considering spending will give you an ROI on the investment and home.

But that shouldn’t deter you from making changes to your kitchen as it is an investment towards your home whichever you look at it.

Our team at More Kitchens are experts in design and help our clients by delivering high-quality valuable kitchens that will provide them with a designthat they can treasure.

For more information, you can book a free design appointment with one of our designers to go through the initial design stages of our full project-managed service.


Do I need permission for my kitchen renovation?

You do not need kitchen planning permission for a renovation, however, if you’re considering an extension or conversion that the kitchen will be installed for after then yes you do need permission.

How long should I expect my kitchen renovation to take?

The complexity of the job will determine how long the kitchen renovation takes. Standard kitchen renovations can take between 1-3 weeks. If structural, changes or bespoke materials are being ordered for the kitchen, this can lengthen the renovation period.

Can I save money by doing some of the work myself?

There are some basic tasks like painting or tiling that individuals can have a go at doing in the kitchen.

However, the more complex jobs such as plumbing, electrical, and structural jobs should be carried out by professionals. This will eradicate the risk of mistakes being made that could be costly and dangerous.

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