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Published: 23 May 2023

A recently completed full-service kitchen renovation project, in this case study we take you through the process of how we transformed a separate kitchen-diner, creating an open-plan kitchen concept, finished with modern-contemporary kitchen features.

Here is how we did it…


A couple in Barnsley had recently acquired a home and were looking to make multiple improvements, one of which was to update the existing kitchen design.

The existing kitchen concept consisted of a mixture of modern and traditional features, with a window above the kitchen sink that gave a view into the utility room. The couple were looking to explore their options to renovate the kitchen and began to search for a company that could take care of everything.


Ms. Evans came across More Kitchens, part of the Passmore Group, after downloading one of our free home improvement guides. Learning of our fully project-managed service Ms. Evans phoned More Kitchens with a view to gathering more information.

On the phone, she was told of Passmore Group’s history and our work across different trades in home improvement, design qualities, and the process of our full design and fit service. Impressed by the history of Passmore’s, and relieved that she had found a reputable company that could deliver their dream kitchen, she then scheduled a free design appointment.

Ms. Evans was visited by our Senior Designer, Andy, who on the appointment sat down to have an in-depth conversation about all the reasons they had decided to renovate the kitchen. They would also discuss potential design ideas and expectations as part of the conversation.

Explaining to Andy that they had acquired the home in recent years and were now looking to make improvements all over the house, they were pleased to learn of our multi-project offering but expressed that they wanted to begin with the kitchen as it was the heart of the home.

With a complete kitchen refurbishment in mind, they also wanted to see if it was possible to remove the archway that divided the kitchen and dining room, to create a large open plan kitchen concept with all new kitchen appliances.

With Andy’s experience in designing kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, Ms. Evans was open to ideas for the new kitchen design concept and happy for him to lead.

Andy created a new design, proposing a gloss white Kitchen Peninsula concept with modern contemporary fittings featured throughout. The refurbished design showed the removal of the archway, merging the dining room with the kitchen, and a variety of modern kitchen appliances, and new lighting concepts.

Behind the design, Andy’s perspective:

“Considering the couple wanted to extend their kitchen and create an open plan concept, the Kitchen Peninsula design features a kitchen island, acting as a divide by separating the kitchen and dining area, providing the couple with the option of a multi-functional space where they can entertain and host extra guests”.

Ms. Evans was delighted with Andy’s design, as he had listened to their wants, needs, and requirements and managed to incorporate the couple’s thoughts and ideas as part of the new concept.

Following the initial design appointment, Andy invited Ms. Evans to our Leeds Kitchen showroom for a second appointment to present them with CAD visuals of the early agreed kitchen concept.

At the appointment, he presented the couple with various visuals of the proposed design, which they were happy with. Andy then took them around the showroom, to choose their final kitchen finishing touches.

Thrilled with their choices, they were more than happy to place an order for the forthcoming kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Peninsula Renovation Case Study | Barnsley | More Kitchens

Before the installation began, the couple were introduced to More Kitchens Project Manager Rob, who would be their contact throughout the duration of the project and be in close contact with our multi-skilled fitter Jason to ensure the kitchen renovation ran smoothly.

Our multi-skilled fitter Jason stripped out the existing kitchen and knocked down the archway leading into the dining room. Merging the rooms into a beautifully renovated, open-plan contemporary Kitchen Peninsula design, Jason fit the new space with a range of modern fixtures, which offering the couple increased storage, and a kitchen island providing them an area to host and entertain guests.

The archway was demolished, combining the kitchen and dining area into a spacious open plan area, just as the couple had wished for. The window was also removed.

On the left-hand side of the new room, a spectacular-looking white gloss kitchen peninsula layout was fit, with a range of base, wall, and tall units installed. Completing the layout, a kitchen island fit on the end of the layout signalling the divide of the kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen island provided the couple with a variety of uses for the kitchen, such as extra worktop space, and a 3-space seating area to socialise and entertain guests. Adding to the multi-functional island a variety of spectacular kitchen spotlights were displayed, emphasising the enhanced focus on the area.

Opposite the island, the microwave and oven were integrated as part of two tall floor-to-ceiling cupboards, granting the couple extra storage and a better kitchen experience. Adding to the variety of new electrical appliances a lavish angled glass extractor was fit increasing the luxurious aura of the new concept.

To ensure a contemporary outlook of the design the kitchen units were finished with a true, handle-less offering a stunning streamlined look. To complement the handless units, recessed kitchen lighting was fit creating a warm and calming illumination really bringing the kitchen to life.


The recently transformed kitchen concept belonging to a couple in Barnsley truly showed an exquisite contemporary kitchen design in a kitchen peninsula layout, completely designed, and fit by More Kitchens as part of our full project-managed service.

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