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Published: 24 February 2020

One of the biggest considerations you’ll have to contend with when it comes to kitchen design is your options for storage; with so many kitchen storage ideas available, it can be difficult to determine which will work best for you, your family and your requirements.

Your new kitchen should be both aspirational and functional - a well-designed space that is practical, efficient and purposeful. The benefit of including clever kitchen storage ideas throughout the design phase is that it helps your kitchen meet its full potential, which makes all the difference when in use.

To help you in your decisions, this comprehensive article covers a breadth of kitchen storage ideas. So whether your space is small or large, includes a pantry or you want something a little more bespoke, we’ve got it covered.

1. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Knowing your options for kitchen storage is one of the most important components when it comes to small kitchen design. Wanting to create space, or at least give the illusion of it, it’s important to declutter and equally significant that you find a ‘home’ for everything, so that all cooking equipment and utensils are out of sight.

In order to increase the amount of storage in your small kitchen, clever concepts and ‘out of the box’ thinking are required.

Corner Units

Corner units are a fantastic small kitchen storage idea as they use every inch of space, which otherwise would be rendered useless. Similarly, they free up floor space and offer a uniform look and feel.

Open Shelving

Open shelving offers somewhere to put everything, but doesn’t make a room feel dark. Unlike a cupboard, however, we wouldn’t recommend filling the shelf with all your knick-knacks as this can make the space feel cluttered, which ultimately defeats the object.

Bespoke Shelving

Designing a small kitchen is all about being opportunistic and taking advantage of unique features.

Try and view features that many would consider an annoyance differently. Whether that’s incorporating some bespoke shelving into an otherwise annoyingly-shaped alcove, or using supporting walls or a pillar as another opportunity to include bespoke shelving.

Sliding Concepts

To enhance functionality whilst in use, a clever small kitchen storage idea is to introduce sliding concepts into your kitchen design. Easier to negotiate than standard cupboard doors, a sliding door has significantly less impact on the overall space when you’re in the hustle and bustle of cooking for the family or entertaining friends.

Similarly, and especially in small spaces, we would always suggest incorporating slide crates, to store fruit and any other grocery item you would typically find on your kitchen counter.

Vertical Thinking

If you’re going to incorporate kitchen cupboards, it’s essential that you think vertically. Floor to ceiling cupboards utilise wall space, ensuring every inch is used. Letting nothing go to waste, thinking vertically allows you to get the maximum amount of storage out of your small space.

2. Clever Pantry Storage Ideas

Pantry storage can be a thing of beauty when it comes to kitchen storage as they are designed to help you organise your space to make it feel bigger and neater. Although the idea of a pantry in theory isn’t particularly clever, how and where you choose to install it and fill it can be.

Corner Pantry

A corner pantry will make the most out of the space in your kitchen, as typically speaking, corners tend to be redundant spaces. Similarly, a singular pantry storage unit is also cheaper than a series of floor and wall cabinets and can also be better utilised.

Slimline Pantry

A slimline pantry is a great way to make use of an area of your kitchen that would otherwise go to waste. For example, if your kitchen has an alcove, perhaps next to a redundant chimney breast, you could utilise the space to create a bespoke slimline pantry to store smaller items like tins, spices and other small condiments.

Increase Capacity

Most pantries and internal shelving structures within them are pretty standard. However, depending on what you want to store, you can increase the overall capacity using clever pantry kitchen storage ideas, like a shelf insert or clip on rack / basket.


In addition to incorporating modular shelving to increase your pantry’s capacity, you could also look to decant half used spices, grains, condiments and sauces. Having separate rice, pasta, tea, sugar and coffee jars will ultimately create space in your pantry while helping to keep it neat and tidy.

3. Free-Standing Kitchen Storage Ideas

A popular kitchen storage idea is the incorporation of free-standing solutions. Depending on the kitchen design you are striving to achieve, free-standing kitchen storage can help meet your style requirements, especially in traditional kitchen design, while increasing your kitchen capacity.

Similarly, another major benefit to free-standing kitchen storage is the option to actually house or store the solution elsewhere, ultimately creating space as well as increasing your storage capacity.

Presentation Furniture

If you’re struggling to free up cupboard space in your kitchen, a great free standing kitchen storage idea is to incorporate a piece of furniture where you can house and present your best china.

In most households removing plates, bowls, cups and saucers from your kitchen typically frees up at least three floor or wall cupboards for you to occupy with something else. Similarly, and best of all, you don’t have to keep the piece of presentation furniture in your kitchen, in fact most people showcase it in their dining room.

Kitchen Trolley

If you like the idea of a versatile, non-permanent freestanding kitchen storage idea, then a kitchen trolley could be the solution for you. Ideal for those who are either limited on space or want a more adaptable storage solution, a kitchen trolley serves as a great spice, condiment, or vegetable housing option for those who love to cook.

Simply wheel in before you begin the food preparation, using the trolley surface as an additional worktop, and wheel out when finished. For those who don’t want to store the trolley in their kitchen, a few alternative areas where it can be kept include a separate utility room or under-stairs housing.

Workstation Island

If you like the idea of an additional worktop but want something semi-permanent and free standing, then a workstation island could be the storage solution for you. Lending themselves to a more traditional or classic design, incorporating a ‘butcher’s block’ will provide you with the extra work surface you require with the added benefit of increased storage.

4. Built-In Kitchen Storage Ideas

Enhancing the amount of built-in kitchen storage you have ultimately comes down to clever kitchen design and making the best use of your available space. Offering a full kitchen design and fitted kitchen service, this is an area that we excel in.

Kitchen Island

Who doesn’t love the idea of a kitchen island? Not only do they act as a central hub, they also offer a number of additional benefits, including doubling as an additional built-in kitchen storage.

Vertical Thinking

Rather than fully furnishing your kitchen with separate floor and wall cabinets, if you really want to enhance the amount of built-in storage in your kitchen you need to think vertically. As mentioned earlier, floor to ceiling cupboards utilise wall space and ensure every inch is used. Letting nothing go to waste, thinking vertically allows you to get the maximum amount of storage out of your space.

Incorporate A Utility Room

If you have sufficient space, incorporating or building a utility room in your home will create an area where you can relocate your laundry appliances. Moving your washing machine and/or dryer out of the kitchen will create space for two new built-in under counter units for your kitchen storage requirements.

This month’s comprehensive article on kitchen storage ideas has simply scratched the surface of what storage solutions are available. These are our personal favourites and offer a starter for ten for consideration.

Whatever type of storage you decide meets your requirement, it’s important to remember that above all a kitchen should be a well-designed space that is practical, efficient and purposeful. If you’re still struggling to decide what or how to incorporate kitchen storage into your kitchen and want additional help and advice book a design appointment with a member of our team today.

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