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20 March 2020

In order for a new kitchen to be functional and practical it requires input from everyone who will be using it. When considering how to create a family kitchen this is ever more prevalent, as you also need to consider how multiple generations of the household use the space.

Ultimately, the ideal family kitchen should be adaptable and functional. After all, it’s not just a space for cooking, but an area for eating, hosting, entertaining, doing homework and a general space to gather and spend time as a family.

How To Create A Family Kitchen

In order to create a family kitchen there are three key things to consider which take into account the ‘golden triangle’ of kitchen design.

The principal behind the triangle concept refers to the ideal locations to store (fridge), cook (over and hob) and clean (sink) in an efficient rotational manner. The reason it’s called the triangle is that the positioning of such appliances means that a line can be drawn from one to another, creating a triangle shape.


Whether your space caters for an L-Shaped, U-Shaped or Peninsular Shaped family kitchen design it is important that it offers separate areas to store, cook and clean in a working triangle, ensuring ultimate efficiency. Furthermore, a family kitchen should offer an area to host, entertain and gather as a family, which typically revolves around the dining table.

L Shaped Family Kitchen Layout

U Shaped Family Kitchen Layout

Peninsular Family Kitchen Layout

It’s important that no element, such as a kitchen island, blocks the rotational flow. If you wish to incorporate an island, which is a popular family kitchen addition, you should consider what place this will hold in the design with respect to whether it offers an area to place one of the three of the key appliances.

In addition, appliance safety is paramount, especially where young families are involved. To ensure little ones are safe, we would recommend incorporating high risk appliances, such as cookers, at an integrated eye level with the added feature of hide and slide doors in a floor to ceiling housing.

Generous Storage

When contemplating how to create a family kitchen a generous amount of kitchen storage space is essential. However with so much choice it can be difficult to decide which will work best for you, your family and your available space.

From small kitchen and space saving storage ideas to pantry, free standing and built-in storage options, our comprehensive article covers a breadth of kitchen storage ideas to help you in your decisions.

Multiple Use Kitchen Areas

As you can see in all of our illustrations above we have incorporated an open plan concept with the addition of a dining table. A true family kitchen is not just a place for cooking but a space to eat, host, entertain, do homework and a general space to gather and spend time as a family, which is what the additional space offers.

How Much Space Does A Family Kitchen Need

To create a family kitchen that is functional you need ample space. Although a small kitchen can be adapted, cramming too much into it for a family to use will only hinder its performance.

In an ideal scenario, a family kitchen would incorporate all of the above points in its design. However in order for this to work practically we envisage a space of 3m x 6m would be required as an absolute minimum.

That said, a perfectly functional family kitchen can be created in a space of 3m x 4.5m if you rework the design, missing out some of the above elements such as the island.

For the majority of British homes, the standard kitchen is usually around 3m x 3m. So without additional and typically more substantial work you’re unlikely to already have the space required. If you find you are one of the majority, and in order to create the functional family kitchen you require, one option would be to open up your available space, which would involve removing internal walls.

Creating an open plan kitchen diner would offer the additional space you require. If this is something you wish to consider you can read our article on how to create an open plan kitchen for more information.

Similarly, we offer a free design and quote service as part of our full service offering. If you would prefer for an experienced designer to visit you at home and learn more about how a family kitchen can be created in your available space, then book your design appointment online or call a friendly member of our team.

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