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Published: 20 March 2020 · Last Updated: 11 September 2023

Are you in a position where you’re thinking of re-designing or looking for ideas for your family kitchen?

Many of you know that your kitchen is the heart of your home, and for many families, it is a popular hangout spot. The kitchen has many possibilities that seem endless, from entertaining and cooking to name a couple.

Some of the versatile options that the kitchen offers include having a multi-functional table in the available space, giving you plenty of room, and the most obvious one is for a meal, or using it to prepare dinner and even as an unofficial work area.

We appreciate there is a list of considerations you’d need to go through to achieve your desired family kitchen.

One of the most important factors that come to mind is how many people will be using the kitchen and what’re their requirements and needs.

In this article, our senior designers share their top tips on how to create the perfect family kitchen. After all, it’s not just a space for cooking…

How To Create A Family Kitchen

In order to create a family kitchen there are three key things to consider which take into account the ‘golden triangle’ of kitchen design.

The principal behind the triangle concept refers to the ideal locations to store (fridge), cook (over and hob) and clean (sink) in an efficient rotational manner. The reason it’s called the triangle is that the positioning of such appliances means that a line can be drawn from one to another, creating a triangle shape.


Whether your space caters for an L-Shaped, U-Shaped or Peninsular Shaped family kitchen design it is important that it offers separate areas to store, cook and clean in a working triangle, ensuring ultimate efficiency. Furthermore, a family kitchen should offer an area to host, entertain and gather as a family, which typically revolves around the dining table.

L Shaped Family Kitchen Layout

U Shaped Family Kitchen Layout

Peninsular Family Kitchen Layout

It’s important that no element, such as a kitchen island, blocks the rotational flow. If you wish to incorporate an island, which is a popular family kitchen addition, you should consider what place this will hold in the design with respect to whether it offers an area to place one of the three of the key appliances.

In addition, appliance safety is paramount, especially where young families are involved. To ensure little ones are safe, we would recommend incorporating high risk appliances, such as cookers, at an integrated eye level with the added feature of hide and slide doors in a floor to ceiling housing.

Our top tips for creating a perfect family kitchen

1. Incorporate a multi-functional island

To kick us off, our first idea includes fitting a multi-level kitchen island. this idea is popular amongst family kitchens, and it is one we absolutely recommend for you.

The island has the option to be multi-functional, depending on how creative you want to be and what you’ll use it for. Just Imagine having a space to serve both as a food and dining area. Perfect for a family kitchen and environment, right?

Other possibilities for a multi-functional family kitchen island are you can look to integrate an electrical appliance, or if you love a bit of extra kitchen storage your island is a good place to start.

2. Use Open Shelving

As we briefly mentioned in the first idea, storage is a big feature in a family kitchen, and open shelving makes it easy for each family user to grab what they need without opening and closing cabinets, making things much more accessible.

Increasing the functionality of a kitchen, not only with extra storage options, it brings a warm sense and makes the space look brighter and more open, and this one you’ll be glad to know…open shelves are easier to organise.

3. Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are becoming increasingly popular in households for a multitude of reasons. The most obvious is that we live in a digitalised era and technology seems to be in everything.

Kitchens are no different and have seen a rise in smart appliances. Designed to give you better control, they’re convenient (who doesn’t love a bit of convenience?) making your busy daily life easier.

There is a wide range of smart kitchen appliances available, you can choose the ones that are suitable for your family kitchen. For example, if you’re a family who loves a hot drink, save time and energy by purchasing instant hot taps - a life changer!

4. Install a built-in charging Station

Carrying on with technology, with many using or having access to many electrical devices most of those gadgets need to be charged. Installing a built-in charger station for your family kitchen could be one of the most important purchases you make.

Getting rid of those charger wires around the kitchen, with a charging station not only reduces risk but also keeps the kitchen nice and organised.

5. Statement Piece

Is any room really complete without a stand-out piece? That is what sets the tone, and in a kitchen, it is no different.

A unique light fixture, a piece of artwork that has a resemblance to your family, or even a bold splashback, improves the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

6. Undercabinet lighting

Just like we mentioned in the idea above, unique lighting could improve the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Create a warm and inviting environment in the kitchen with under-cabinet lighting, making it easier to see what you’re doing whilst you’re cooking. The super resourceful undercabinet lighting, lights only where it is needed saving energy and money!

7. Install a beverage centre

This one is for entertainers and those who love to host. Add to your family kitchen’s personality, by fitting a super useful beverage centre, granting you access to grab a drink from your mini-fridge, coffee maker, and blender can. For those who like to host, this will be a really handy feature and saves people from looking around in the fridge.

8. A designated kids’ area

We mentioned earlier on in this article that there are many considerations when it comes to designing a family kitchen, to ensure that everyone is happy, and needs have been met.

With the kitchen having many possibilities, you could be a family with young children, so creating a designated kids' area for them to enjoy play and partake in their activities is a good call. A potential activity is they have their own toy kitchen inside the area, therefore not only entertaining them but also making them feel involved.

While keeping an eye on them in their area you can carry out your duties in the kitchen.

9. A breakfast nook

10. Add a pantry

In a family kitchen having a pantry is a must many consider. Many lead busy lives and a pantry where you can store kitchen essentials can help with the preparation of meals and further increase the efficiency in a kitchen, giving you peace of mind.

Can our team help you design your Family Kitchen?

Throughout this article, we have listed and explained our top 10 family kitchen ideas we think you must consider when it comes to designing your kitchen space.

At More Kitchens, we’re experts in all aspects of kitchen design and installation, managing the entire project from start to finish. If you think we can help you achieve a multi-functional family kitchen, then call a friendly member of our team today or book a free design appointment with us today.

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