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Published: 16 August 2021

Installing your dream kitchen is an exciting task, but with the process consisting of several steps we are often asked how long it should take to fit a kitchen.

Answering your frequently asked questions, this article breaks down the average duration of a kitchen installation.

How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

The average time it takes to undergo a full kitchen renovation is 3 weeks.

This can vary however depending on the work required in your kitchen and who is completing the renovation.

If you wish to know what’s included in the fitting of a kitchen read our Guide to fitted kitchens: all you need to know.

Whether you’re undergoing a fully project managed kitchen renovation or wish to undergo the steps on your own, we’ve broken down the general time it takes to complete a full kitchen renovation in a timeline below;

Week 1

The first week of your kitchen renovation will see steps one and two of your kitchen makeover be completed.

Step 1 – Removal of your existing kitchen

On day one your kitchen installer will arrive to remove your existing kitchen -This step typically takes one day to complete

Step 2 – first fix

On day one your gas engineer will also arrive to install the gas supply(if required) and your plumber will also complete the first fix plumbing which includes moving any required pipework – These tasks will also take approximately one day to complete depending on the amount of work required.

On day two your electrician will arrive to complete the required electrical wiring for your kitchen lighting and appliances – again this should take no longer than one day to complete.

Day 3 will see the arrival of your plasterer to plaster the required areas in your kitchen– This will take between 1-2 days depending on the size of the job.

The drying of the plastering will then take up to 3-4 days, taking you up to the end of week one.

Top Kitchen Renovation Tip

If you wish to paint your kitchen ceiling the best time to do this is whilst you’re waiting for the plastering to dry. This will allow you to make the most of an empty kitchen and spare renovation time.

Week 2

This is the longest stage when considering how long does a kitchen take to fit and it’s also when you will see your kitchen begin to take shape.

Step 3 – Second fix

This week your kitchen appliances will be delivered and your main kitchen installer will come back to begin the fit-out stage including the installation of your kitchen storage.

This typically takes one to one and a half weeks, dependent on the size of your kitchen and the work required.

This stage also includes the installation of your kitchen flooring which will be fit at the end or beginning of the install dependant on your choice of flooring.

Week 3

Your kitchen will now be well on its way to being completely transformed.

Near to the end of your installation, the electrician will return to do a final fix – this includes powering up the lighting and appliances and running tests - this typically takes one day.

Step 4 – Final checks and project sign off

By the end of week three, your kitchen should be completed. If you have chosen the stress-free option of undergoing a full design and fitted kitchen service by a company like ourselves, you will have had the benefit of your kitchen being project managed with coordinated tradespeople completing your renovation.

At this stage, your kitchen project manager will undergo checks to ensure all work has been completed to a high standard and will sign your project off.

You can find out more about the full kitchen renovation process by reading our ‘how to plan design and manage your kitchen renovation’ guide

Alongside installation time scales, we are often asked by people how long they could be without appliances.

How long will I be without a sink?

You will be without a sink until week three of your kitchen installation as this is one of the final items to be reinstalled and because the water supply to your kitchen will be turned off. This is also the case for your washing machine – which is another kitchen appliance we are often asked about.

Wealways endeavour to get both back up and running as soon as possible.

How long does it take to fit a kitchen tap?

As a relatively simple job, the time taken to fit a tap shouldn’t take longer than one hour.

If you are setting up a new tap that requires the installation of an isolation value however it can take up to half a day, depending on the additional works required to connect to your water supply.

Other common questions we are asked are;

Will I be given a fixed start date for the work?

Do I have to be on-site all the time the work is going on?

Is the work guaranteed?

Answers can be found on our FAQs Page.

We hope this article has answered how long does it take to fit a kitchen. To find out more general information about kitchen installations and/or if you wish to explore your options for a full design and fitted kitchen service, call a friendly member of our team today. Alternatively, you can book a design appointment online.

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