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Published: 16 September 2021

An often forgotten step in the renovation process when considering How To Plan, Design And Manage Your Kitchen Renovation, dressing your kitchen window can improve privacy, control sunlight and add to your overall kitchen design.

With a wide range of options available we’ve put together a list of ideas on How To Dress A Kitchen Windowincluding the most popular window dressings and their benefits.

So whether you’re transforming your entire kitchen or wanting to give it a design update you’ll be sure to find the right dressing for you.

How to dress a kitchen window

Available in a plethora of choices at a range of price points - it can be hard to know what to choose when considering How to dress a kitchen window. We’ve listed our favourites below.


Kitchen blinds are available in a plethora of options due to the variety of designs, colour options and materials including wood, fabric and metal on the market.

When choosing blinds for your kitchen we always recommend opting for a material that is waterproof. Particularly if your window is located above a sink.


There are several benefits to installing kitchen blinds which include:

- If it’s a bright summers day, the ability to tilt control and to adjust the amount of blind covering the window allows you to control the amount of sunlight you let in.

- Kitchen blinds are very easy to clean– They often simply require a wipe down with a damp cloth.

- Kitchen blinds can be cut to fit most kitchen window sizes including larger windows and doors.


Functional in design, kitchen window shutters often fit perfectly with any kitchen whilst adding to the overall layout.

Kitchen shutters are available in a range of price points and a variety of materials with the most popular being MDF and a range of woods.


- Due to their contemporary design – the addition of kitchen shutters is an easy way to give kitchens a modern design update.

- Kitchen shutters fold-away design means most can be fit to a wide range of window sizes and lengths.

- Like kitchen blinds, shutters are easy to clean and can simply be wiped down.


Often found in traditional kitchens, curtains can add a softer touch to kitchen designs. They can be fit with a valance to create a drop design or opened and closed from a central point.


- Curtains are available in a range of designs in several fabric choices so you’ll be certain to find a curtain that matches your kitchen design. We recommended however that you opt for a breathable fabric to avoid the curtains absorbing the smell of cooking.

- If you can’t get curtains in a breathable fabric there’s no need to worry. Curtains can be easily detached and popped into the washing machine (always follow the wash directions on the curtain label).


A popular option for those who wish to know how to dress a kitchen window without curtains, kitchen shades are available in a range of fabrics, colours and textures.

Available in a roller design, they allow you to easily control the amount of sunlight let into your kitchen.


- Shades are available in plain and or funky designs allowing you to add a pop of personality to your kitchen.

- Providing full privacy when closed, kitchen shades are available with a blackout coating that when closed completely covers your kitchen window and blocks out sunlight and external noise.

How to dress a kitchen windowsill

If you’re not wanting to change your window covering, you can still add to your kitchen design by making use of the unused space on your kitchen windowsill. Our favourite tips on how to dress a kitchen windowsill include:


Make use of the direct sunlight by adding plants to your kitchen windowsill.

Plants greenery creates a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen whilst having the added benefit of helping to purify the air.

If you love cooking you can also opt to grow and add herbs from your windowsill, helping to boost the flavour of your delicious meals.

Sentimental Items

Adding photo frames of your favourite memories and your cherished ornaments can provide a mood booster whenever you’re in the kitchen and or looking out of the window.

Kitchen Essentials

If you have limited space within the kitchen your windowsill can act as a mini shelf for kitchen storage to store items such as hand soap and any kitchen cleaning essentials.

We do recommend however to avoid adding too many items as can make your windowsill look cluttered.

Offering a full kitchen design and fitted kitchen service we’re able to further help and advise on how to dress a kitchen window as part of a wider kitchen renovation project. With kitchen showrooms in Leeds, Harrogate and Mirfield if you are ready to make your kitchen the heart of your home book a design appointment online today or calla friendly member of our team on 0113 201 5030.

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