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Published: 20 January 2022

Unsightly bins can often take away from kitchen designs and if you have a small kitchen can also take up required space.

If you’re wondering how to hide kitchen bins, this article provides simple and functional options.

How to hide kitchen bins


The most common way to hide a kitchen bin is to fit it into a unused cupboard, which is usually the one located under your sink.

Great for minimal kitchen designs, this hidden bin option makes the best use of available unused space within the kitchen.

Pull out bins

The most popular under cupboard solution is integrated pull out bins.

How do pull out bins work?

The bin is attached to a frame that is mounted to the base of your kitchen cabinet. This projects forward upon pulling the door open, allowing you to easily access the bin.

Pull out bins are often broken down into divided components to separate rubbish types. We recommend you measure your cupboard size to ensure your choice of pull out bin can fit.

Door mounted bins

Easy to fit, door mounted bins are attached directly to the inside of your kitchen cupboard with either a hook or mounting frame.

They are available in a range of sizes and a great option for smaller cupboards.

Detached kitchen bins

If you don’t want to install a bin an even simpler solution is to store a standard bin under you kitchen sink cupboard, that can be removed when the space is required for other uses.

How to hide recycling bins in the kitchen

As recycling bins often have no smell, they can be hidden within several areas around your kitchen.

Pull out bins

As mentioned above, pull out bins often have separate compartments for different types of rubbish one of which is a recycle section.

Bin baskets

Large baskets can be used to keep unsightly bins out of sight whilst adding style to kitchens, particularly traditional kitchen designs.


You can make use of old containers to store your recyclable rubbish. They can then be hidden in large draws and or cupboards around your kitchen.

To find out more about how you can how to hide kitchen bins as part of our full design and fitted kitchen service book a design appointment online today or call a friendly member of our team.

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