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Published: 3 February 2022

As the heart of the home, kitchens are a hub to cook, dine and spend quality time with loved ones.

With new colour schemes, finishes and appliance trends set for 2022 our Senior Kitchen Designers Julie and Simon offer their expert views on the kitchen design trends they expect to see.

Kitchen 2022 Colour Trends

With some colours as popular as ever and newer shades heading to the number one spot, below are the main colour trends that are expected to dominate in 2022.

Blues & Greens

Earthy greens and deep blue colour schemes have seen a growth in popularity over the last year.

With a range of shades available, many have opted to enhance their kitchens by adding these colours to specific areas including splashbacks, walls, soft furnishings and cabinets. Julie further explains' People are tired of beiges muted tones. Now people are deciding to stay in their property instead of moving, they feel they can be more daring. This trend of deep blues and greens is expected to run through to 2022.'

Darker Colours

Bold in design, there has also been a boost in popularity of people choosing to make their kitchens a statement piece by adding darker colours, particularly through 'the incorporation of black accent doors in contemporary kitchens,’ Julie explains.

The incorporation of black has also led to a resurgence in monochrome kitchen designs with ‘black and white colour schemes making a comeback,’ mentions Simon.

Shades Of Grey

‘Grey colour schemes have been very popular throughout 2020 and 2021 and we expect to see this popularity continue throughout 2022,’ Simon explains.

Timeless and versatile in design, grey kitchens have been a go-to for several years. We are now also seeing greys being tied in with black and white colour schemes.

Staying in the spotlight, tones of grey whether light or dark add a classic and clean finish to kitchens and can be simply tied in with a range of kitchen designs.

Mixed Metals

Adding glamour and texture to kitchens, metallic accents have seen a boost in popularity.

We’ve had continued requests for rich gold and or brass finishes on taps, lights and handles which have the additional benefit of creating a cohesive design throughout kitchens.

Metallic finishing touches also beautifully contrast against darker colour schemes.

Matt Finishes

‘Customers are now also opting for a matt over gloss finish on fixtures and fittings.’

Gloss finishes are becoming a thing of the past and are now starting to be replaced with matt designs. Matt surfaces create a modern feel throughout kitchens and have the added benefit of being more forgiving on the visibility of grease and fingerprint marks.

Minimal Kitchen Designs

Linear kitchens provide clean lines and a minimal aesthetic. Simple and streamlined in design, they create a contemporary clutter-free and relaxing space that will continue to see growth in 2022 while many continue to enjoy spending more time in their kitchens.

Slimline Worktops

A key element of minimal linear designs is the installation of subtle slimline worktops over chunkier designs.

The sleek thin design of slimline worktops create a clean aesthetic whilst drawing your eyes to other focal points within the kitchen.

Handleless Cabinets

Google trends reported a 30% increase in searches for handleless kitchens between 2020 to 2021 and this kitchen design trend is expected to run throughout 2022.

Tying in with minimal kitchen designs handleless cabinets, cupboards and drawers create a sleek and seamless finish whilst providing additional storage space for the extra appliances and gadgets we’ve accumulated over the years.

Hidden Appliances

Ideal for smaller spaces, we have also seen a rise in the installation of cupboards that hide appliances. Concealing items that traditionally take up space, these cupboards help kitchens to feel less cluttered and your chosen designs to blend seamlessly throughout the kitchen.

Julie further explains: ‘we’ve seen popularity in the installation of a full wall of tall storage with fold-away doors which hide cooking appliances and other items you don’t want on show. This adds to minimal designs and creates plenty of storage whilst making the most of unused wall space.’

Mixing In Vintage

Although there has been an increase in the number of people wanting modern and contemporary kitchen designs we’ve also seen a rise in those opting for the ‘lived in look’ adding personality and warmth to the room.

Tying in the old with the new, people now want to include original features and antique pieces including wooden beams, exposed brickwork, cast iron cookers and items given from loved ones that are often sentimental and become conversational pieces within kitchens.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

As mentioned in our 2021 kitchen trend article we have continued to see growth in the popularity of functional appliances with digital connectivity.

Improving convenience and making life easier, smart appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and washing machines that can be controlled remotely are becoming the new normal.

We’ve continued to see growth in interest of these appliances,particularly those that connect to WIFI,’ explains Simon.

Multi-Purpose Taps

In 2021, we saw a rise in requests for instant hot water taps saving precious time on the kettle boil for tea and coffee lovers. Now saving time for all, we’re seeing a rise in smart taps that can do it all.

Giving the option to run hot, cold, boiling, filtered and even sparkling water the request for smart taps is growing with more options now coming to the market.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are here to stay and according to Simon they are ‘still as popular as ever.’

As part of our full kitchen design and fitted kitchen service, we provide expert advice to customers on kitchen designs, as part of this conversation we discuss with customers their wants and needs which often includes the installation of a kitchen island.

Simon also explains: ‘The fitting of an island is dependant to your kitchen size as you need to be able to still comfortably manoeuvre around it. We’ve seen an increase in customers knocking through rooms to create larger spaces so an island can fit.’

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