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Published: 4 January 2023

If you’re looking at revamping your kitchen in 2023, the chances are you’re beginning to look into what the current trends are, what’s popular, but also what’s no longer in fashion.

The first thing you need to know is that the trends are always changing. As we bid farewell to 2022, more changes in what’s hot and what’s not are a foot.

However, the one look that is dominating for this new year is warmth.

In this latest blog, we caught up with More Kitchens’ senior designer, Julie, to find out what the growing kitchen trends are in the UK and what you need to be keeping your eyes peeled for…

Black Is Back

We have seen a big shift to darker colours with one colour, in particular, making a comeback.

Black disappeared from the marketplace years ago. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to recall how many kitchens you’ve been in that are black. But black is back and is the biggest trend we’re seeing right now.

Why? The main reason is down to the warmth it brings. Different shades of black also have the capacity to remove the clinical look a kitchen tends to have while retaining neutrality.

Painted finishes also disappeared around five years ago now. Again, though, we’re seeing an increase in demand for this. The same can be said for matte-painted timbers, too. Like the colour black, matte replaced gloss because of the warmth it brings to a room.

Picking the dark colour is seen as a much braver move to go for, especially for someone that has opted for light in the past. It’s a hard transition to make. It’s rare that you would go for a white kitchen and have black kitchen worktops the way to avoid the kitchen area feeling smaller is to have colours and finishes and textures that complement each other. There has been a big shift to mixing the finishes rather than colours to try and find something that complements it.

Lighting that changes the mood in the flick of a switch

This is an area we’re not seeing all too much change in.

Five years ago, inset lighting shot to prominence with people looking at all sorts of creative ways to utilise LED lighting, shifting between the natural and warm white.

And let me tell you they’re here to stay.

Inset kitchen lighting gives you the ability to change the mood of a room at the flick of a switch. However, what we are seeing differently for 2023 is this move towards creating zones within the kitchen.

Depending on the size you have to play with, a kitchen can be split into different spaces that serve different purposes. You have the table where you’re eating, an informal area to host and entertain, and maybe even a working area.

We’re seeing a trend towards zoning these with different lighting to reflect the mood of the space. LEDs are being synced into the ceiling, shapes are being played around with far more than we have seen for a long time. For example, the spacing of the lighting is being done to reflect the shape of the kitchen island.

The key thing is having them all on separate switches which is giving people the chance to play around with the mood of the room

That leads to kinetic lighting as well. Essentially, this is lighting that connects with our smart devices, like Alexa. Kinetic lighting operates off a wireless system and it is giving people the ability to control the lighting through a device. If you’re interested in finding out more about smart devices, you can read this blog here.

Glass Splashbacks Remain But Antique Mirror Finishes Are Growing

The trends with splashback are all dependent on the position it holds within the kitchen.

If it is around the cooking area, glass continues to remain the dominant choice and has been for years - mainly because it is so easy to keep clean!

Again, it comes down to how they are paired with the surfaces to keep a unified feel. Yes, there is the standard approach but there are bronze, copper, black, and antique mirror finishes that have proven incredibly popular in recent years.

As we alluded to earlier, this goes hand in hand with the darker colours that we’re seeing make a big comeback.

Green Cabinets Are Shining But Blue Will Fade Away

There is a trend flowing through here… it is the darker colours that are really standing out.

Dark greens and dark blues remain popular right now. Our thought is that blue will fade away towards the end of 2023. Instead, there’s more focus on black, andesite, and matte finishes for our cabinets to ensure they remain a complementary feature of our kitchens.

A Word About The Future Of Appliances

The current economic outlook has impacted this area of kitchens

Earlier in 2022, we were talking to customers a lot about kinetic lighting but this has slowed as the cost of living crisis set in. It’s no longer a priority.

However, what we do have is a clear look at what the future of the kitchen is going to look like.

Kinetic lighting is the first real example of the way the industry is going. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, giving us the ability to run everything through our mobile and smart devices.

That includes appliances like the cooker, fridge, and washing machine. They’re all going to be talking to us, telling us the best setting to run things on and how to best manage efficiency. All of these manufacturers are building their own hubs and are linking them to each other.

It’s fascinating the way the industry is growing. It’s not quite here yet, but I suspect we will see more of those products and appliances on the market in the next few years. Stay tuned for more.

The Statement Pantry Is Back!

All hail the pantry!

These are coming back in a really big way, as more people begin to explore how we build them into the kitchen. There is a lot of storage behind double doors, spice racks at the back, hidden work surfaces, and drink areas.

They’re a big statement piece, a good talking point. If your kitchen has got the space to accommodate a pantry, they’re returning in a way big way in 2023.

Can We Help You Give Your Kitchen A New Look In 2023

Now you have an idea about the latest upcoming trends, perhaps you’re now thinking about how you can begin to incorporate them into your own kitchen.

If giving your kitchen a revamp is on your agenda in 2023 and you need help, then get in touch with us. We take care of everything from kitchen design right through to getting it fully fitted. You can book a free design appointment with us today.

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