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Published: 25 April 2022

If you’ve read our article on how to make a small kitchen bigger you’ll know we believe having a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Helping you to make your kitchen the heart of your home we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks on how to make the most of a small kitchen space.

Use savvy storage

When making the most of small kitchen spaces, we often recommend you use unused space to install savvy storage solutions. Options include:

Magic corners

A clever storage option, magic corners make use of the blind space in the corner cupboards by providing a slide out solution that allows you to easily access your stored items.

Tall storage

If you have high walls – make the most of unused space by installing wall cabinetry. Build as high as you feel comfortable just ensure you are able to comfortably reach items.

If you are concerned high cabinetry may make your kitchen feel crowded, consider an open shelving design.

Built-in storage

You can also maximise the unused space around your fridge by installing built-in storage. This is a great way to hide the regularly used kitchen items you’d prefer not to be on show.

Add light boosting Fixtures

Regardless of size every kitchen has specific features to make it functional including cabinetry and worktops . You can make the most of your small space by adding light reflecting textures. Consider adding glossy surfaces on these features as they will bounce light around the around the room and create the illusion of a larger space.

Install smaller appliances

Made with small kitchens in mind, there is now a variety a small and slimline appliances including ovens, hobs, fridge freezers and dishwashers that can be fit in rooms with limited space.

Swap your table for a kitchen island

Another savvy tip when making the most of small kitchen spaces is to install a kitchen island. If you currently have the room to have a table within your kitchen, this can be a more practical solution.

Kitchen islands can be used for dining, storage, cooking, washing up and or a work area and will help to create space in other areas of your kitchen.

Install a built in cooker hood for ventilation

Create additional wall space by installing a built in cooker hood for installation. They are built under the wall cabinet above you cooker and take up less room than other cooker hood options. You can find out more by reading our article that details how kitchen extractor fans work.

Organise your cupboards

The limited open space small kitchens provide can often make the room look and feel cluttered. To create are more open and airy feel within your kitchen reorganise your cupboards to hide items that can be distracting to the eye. Read our article on kitchen organisation ideas to find out how.

Consider moving your appliances

Similar to the above, if you have available space in other rooms of your house you can make your kitchen feel less crowded by moving larger items. Consider whether your washing machine of even your fridge freezer can be moved to create open space or more room for storage.

Make the most of multi-use appliances

Consider where you can save worktop space in your kitchen by using multi use items.A current kitchen trend is to replace kettles for multi-purpose taps that release cold, hot and boiling water.

Another space saving option is to install a combi microwave and oven instead of two separate appliances.

If you wish to gather further information on making the most of small kitchen spaces as part of our full design and fitted kitchen service book a design appointment online today or call us to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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