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Published: 9 October 2023

Kitchen islands can be seamlessly merged as part of most kitchen designs and layouts. Making it quite possible for one to be incorporated into your concept.

The island has a host of benefits, just to give you a few the kitchen island provides an area for food preparation, additional worktop space, and kitchen storage.

What is a kitchen island

A major statement piece in a kitchen is an island. The aspirational and dominant feature of the kitchen that many of us dream of is often located in the centre of the kitchen.

What is the average size of a kitchen island?

The size of a kitchen island can vary depending on the layout of the kitchen, but you also have the option to customise the dimension.

Typically, the size of kitchen islands tends to be 6ft by 3ft, however, the minimum size is 4ft by 2ft.

The dimensions we have provided allow enough space for various kitchen activities and comfortable seating if you plan to have seating. However, we urge you to keep in mind that these are just averages, some islands may be larger or smaller depending on their design.

Our designers at More Kitchens create bespoke designs for your kitchens that allow you to create a custom kitchen island that perfectly fits within your kitchen layout and meets your functional and aesthetic.

How to design a kitchen island?

Providing your kitchen has enough space to house a kitchen island. You should consider a few things before making the all-important decision and include it in your kitchen design.

Firstly, you should contemplate what exactly the purpose you want the island to serve and what you want it to be used for as we mentioned earlier there are a range of possibilities for the kitchen island.

Once you have decided its purpose, it is then to see if it can be merged into the kitchen concept. Doing so we strongly advise adhering to the golden triangle of kitchen design, a fundamental kitchen layout theory that refers to the most practical location to store cook and clean in an efficient, rotational, manner.

Kitchen Island - option 1

Kitchen island with seating - option 1

Kitchen island with seating - option 3

Kitchen island ideas

Now that we explained what a kitchen island is and briefly explained the sizes and some of the key elements of designing a kitchen island, we have come to the part that everyone loves. Ideas.

There is a plethora of concepts for a kitchen island, thanks to our team of designers and the research internally and externally we have carried out, we are going to give you our top 10 kitchen island ideas that you may want to consider.

1. Integrated appliances

For functionality and aesthetic reasons, integrated appliances are becoming increasingly popular.

With them being a part of the layout, they allow you to freely use your kitchen without having bulky free-standing furniture taking over the place.

The kitchen island is no exception, you can include a few electrical appliances to be part of the island, including a built-in hob, which is permanently fixed to the kitchen countertop.

Other appliances that can make up your kitchen island design are wine coolers, and an integrated dishwasher, both allowing you to maintain a seamless and uncluttered look to your kitchen design.

2. Functional storage solutions

Storage could be essential for the success of your family kitchen practicality, or you could be an individual that has many accessories, so it is crucial to remain organised.

We strongly urge storage to be part of your thinking. Now if you want a kitchen island, this is a way to include extra storage for your kitchen design.

Maximise the storage potential of your island by incorporating innovative solutions. This may involve deep drawers for pots and pans. Vertical slots for baking sheets and cutting boards.

If you like the openness of a kitchen then open shelving to potentially showcase your decorative items, or cookbooks is the one for you.

Whichever kitchen island storage solution you decide to go for. It is all for your and your family’s benefit you help keep yourself organised and efficient. Has a little bit of extra storage hurt?

3. Mobile or convertible island

The majority of us love a convertible. The flexibility it brings into our lives is mesmerising and eye-catching.

The same goes for kitchen islands, at More Kitchens, with our bespoke design capabilities, we’re able to create a versatile convertible island.

A kitchen island has the possibility to include wheels, providing you with an option to keep it stationary, move around a kitchen, and even take it outdoors for entertainment.

A retractable or foldable section can provide extra workspace if you need it and can be tucked away for when it is not in use. Talk about versatility.

4. Island with built-in seating

The kitchen is classed as the heart of a home and can certainly be used as an area to gather and socialise.

With the kitchen island acting as a multi-functional kitchen feature, it appeals to many to add seating as part of the island - fulfilling both functionality and social purposes. Now you’re probably wondering what my options are and how can I do so.

The options that are available to you are a bench, stools or even if you want a real cosy option, it would be to include a banquette on one side of the island.

Creating the perfect casual and inviting space for family and guests to gather, even whilst a meal is being prepared.

5. Multi-level island

Continuing with the multiple functionalities of a kitchen island, create a visually striking island that includes multi-levels. Having a raised section for dining, if you fancy a bar-styled seating arrangement, could appeal to you with the lower section being used for food preparation.

This gives you a clear indication of each area of the kitchen island for the above activities we have mentioned to take place.

6. Unique countertop materials

We haven’t really mentioned the design aspect of a kitchen island. For example the material’s colour.

A kitchen island is a stand-out feature piece in a kitchen. It is usually the first thing most people lay their eyes on when they enter the heart of the home. You’d need a design that is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, speaks a thousand words, and resonates with your personality.

Consider materials like quartz, granite, marble and even butcher block. These could include distinctive patterns, bold colours and natural textures which add visual interest and personality to our kitchen design.

7. Statement lighting

To go with the unique countertop, how much it stands depends on positioning size and lighting Which is key. There are numerous lighting fixtures to really make your kitchen island stand out.

Most tend to go for pendant lighting which you can get with interesting shapes, materials and colours that can compliment your overall kitchen style and give your kitchen island the attention it deserves.

8. Wine cellar island

You can combine functionality with sophistication by combining a wine cellar as part of your kitchen island design. This feature adds to the sociable element of your kitchen with its ease of access if you gather around the island, with friends or family members.

It can also be classed as a design feature that is also there as it gives you a chance to showcase your taste in wine.

9. Interactive technology integration

Back to technology now. As you know it is fast advancing and the capabilities are expanding and making their way into all parts of the home and the kitchen is no different.

They’re well recommended by our experts and throughout the industry as they’re built to provide you with a seamless kitchen experience and make your overall daily life easier.

So how can they incorporated as part of a kitchen island?

You can now install a building touchscreen display that can show you recipes, The smart fridge, as you can imagine won’t be that large if it is merged with the kitchen island, but it can track exactly the contents of your refrigerator. Convenient?

10. Open shelving display

To conclude our 10 ideas, we have gone for something that is in the middle when people are choosing what type of kitchen island they would like.

Traditional kitchen islands have cabinets installed as part of the design. Instead, use the other option that is available to you which is open shelving.

Open shelving provides you with many advantages, taking away having to open and close the cabinetry handle being one of them. Now you can showcase your stunning dishware collection, cookbooks, and even your decorative items

Are you wanting a new bespoke kitchen, and considering a kitchen island?

And that is it, that concludes our top 10 kitchen island ideas. We have a team of experts that can create a bespoke kitchen island that fits in perfectly in your kitchen design as part of our full project-managed service. If you want to turn your transform your kitchen space into something that is simple and matches your lifestyle, then call a friendly member of our team today or book a free design appointment with us today.


How do I determine the right size for my kitchen island?

The size of your kitchen layout and the available space determine what could be the size of the kitchen island. Some key point is that it should allow for comfortable movement around it and have enough clearance so you can access and open cabinets or appliances.

What are the benefits of having an island in the kitchen?

The kitchen island has many benefits, which include, providing additional countertop space for meal preparation, and it can be used as a space for social activities or gatherings. You also have options to add additional storage to the kitchen island.

How can I ensure my kitchen island design complements the overall style of my kitchen?

To ensure your kitchen island is in sync with your overall kitchen design style you should consider what is already existing in your kitchen that could match your existing cabinetry and countertops.

Can an island be added to a small kitchen?

With careful planning and consideration of space, a kitchen can certainly be added to a small kitchen design. It is recommended that you go for a compact and streamlined design that suits the available space.

An option is having a portable or movable island that can be positioned according to your needs and easily stored away when it is not in use.

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