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Published: 27 September 2023

We recently delivered a dream kitchen for a couple in Harrogate. Delivering our fully project-managed service we transformed their dated kitchen into a Bespoke Linear Kitchen design. In this case study we take you through the process of how we did this.



Mr and Mrs Ledgeway had a dated, albeit excellently maintained, kitchen in Harrogate. They were looking to refurbish the existing design for a completely new concept and sought to find a company that provides a full service.


Searching for a company on the internet that offers a full service, the couple came across our More Kitchens brand and saw that we delivered a fully-project managed service.

They got in touch with us to gather extra information, and to ultimately decide whether we were the right company for them with regards to seeing if we could deliver them their dream kitchen.

The couple explained that they were after a company offering a full design and fit service that included extensive build renovation works as part of the process.

Considering their criteria, the couple were advised by a member of our team that this was our remit of work and that we could carry out the job from start to finish as part of our fully project-managed service. Mr. and Mrs. Ledgeway also learned of our other brands that form part of Passmore Group, a true family-run business.

Mr and Mrs Ledgeway were content with the information they had received and scheduled to book a free design appointment for a designer to go out to their home and take them through the early stages of refurbishing their design.

Our experienced Designer Julie visited the couple at their home but before surveying the existing space, got into conversation about their expectations and requirements, in order to fully understanding their needs and reasons for work. The couple began to explain to Julie that they wanted to achieve a brand-new contemporary kitchen design for their family home and achieve a design that was more sociable for the family and also gave them access to the garden.

This led them to have a few ideas around the structure, which included removing the archway and widening the stud wall between the kitchen and diner. They also wanted extra light to come into the room and therefore brought the option of having French doors fit that would open into the garden.

Continuing their conversation, Mr. and Mrs. Ledgeway advised they also wanted to create a drinks bar that would go into their dining room.

They had also agreed on a colour scheme for the kitchen; whereby they wanted an off-white with gold tone to reflect a true luxury and elegant feel. Furthermore, Mr and Mrs Ledgeway’s also had some furniture in Ivory that they wanted to match with the kitchen to achieve a seamless design synergy.

Taking in the customer's requirements, the couple wanted Julie’s ideas and expertise for the new concept and further advise to help them reach their desired kitchen.

Reassuring the couple that the ideas they had come up with were 100% practical and achievable, Julie also had a few suggestions of her own that would further enhance the kitchen design and the luxury effect they craved. She kicked off her ideas by thinking of the couple’s storage in the kitchen, and as they had mentioned that it was for their family, storage was going to be a major factor.

Proposing fitting a bespoke larder corner unit, this would be placed in the existing area behind the archway of the kitchen to not encroach on the open plan kitchen layout. This would allow the space to be shelved out for them to store their cookery accessories.

Julie also suggested a chef pull out the pantry, which would provide a place for the couple to prepare their food.

Adding to her suggestions Julie recommended that all new LED lighting, and kitchen appliances, be integrated as part of the new design.

The couple wanted to retain a kitchen island in the centre of their kitchen, so Julie redesigned it in line with the rest of the kitchen design. The new island had seating, and electrical appliances as part of the design.

The triad had concluded their list of ideas and suggestions. The couple were more than happy with Julie’s input and were ready to proceed to the next stage of our full design and fit service.

Julie invited them for a second appointment at our stunning Harrogate Kitchen Showroom, where they would be presented with CAD visuals of how the new concept would look.

Julie behind the design - The couple were very clear about what they wanted to achieve which was a sociable, family kitchen design that was open. They were also heavily keen on creating a luxury effect for the kitchen. Collaboratively we managed to come up with a design that was aesthetically pleasing, providing the couple with a luxurious kitchen, that also was a sociable area for the family.

At the second appointment, Julie presented the couple with numerous CAD visuals to help them envision their new kitchen design. The proposed luxurious bespoke linear kitchen design all of the suggestions and ideas the couple and Julie had come up with.

Delighted with the presentation, Julie then took the couple around the showroom to help them pick their final kitchen finishing touches for the new design. Once they had made a choice, they proceeded to place an order with us.

Bespoke Linear Kitchen Refurbishment | Harrogate | More Kitchens

Prior to the installation of the kitchen, the couple were introduced to, and visited by, our project manager Rob, who alongside the fitter would ensure the project ran smoothly.

Multi-skilled fitter, Andy, stripped out the existing kitchen and began the transformation by carrying out the structural changes working alongside our More Build team. Together they took out the existing archway, which opened up the entire space, creating a seamless flow through.

Replacing the door that led into the garden, Andy and our More Build team installed double French doors with a step that opened into the garden area. This allowed more natural light to come into the kitchen and easier access to the back area of the home.

The last of the structural changes was the widening of the doorway that led into the diner room from the kitchen.

A large kitchen Island was built and fit in the centre of the room. A combination of a stunning off-white quartz, gold trims and porcelain linear kitchen cabinets were fit, creating an opulent effect.

Concluding the kitchen island, integrated appliances were fit, with the couple having the option for a seating area on the opposite side, accomplishing the social element they wanted from the design.

Matching the kitchen island, the rest of the kitchen cabinets were porcelain effect with off-white quartz for the worktop surface, with the magnificent gold trims.

In the main kitchen area, behind the kitchen island, two tall floor to ceiling cabinets were built providing the Ledgeway family with extra storage and a housing for the integrated eye-level oven appliance, making the family’s use in the kitchen more convenient.

Increasing the storage, a beautiful, large, custom built corner larder unit with multiple shelves was created behind the newly widened walk-through. A chef’s pull-out pantry, with slide and hide doors formed part of the larder design, allowing an area for meal prep.

Through the widened door leading into the dining room, a white drinks bar cabinet was built as per the design. The drinks bar was also fit with multiple appliances, including a dishwasher, fridge, and a sink, which added to the sociable environment the couple were looking to create.

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