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25 November 2019

What is an L Shaped Kitchen?

L shaped kitchen designs feature two walls that form a 90 degree angle, with cabinets and appliances installed along these walls. Using work surfaces, cabinets and appliances in an L shape layout maximises space, and incorporates the efficient ‘working triangle’ principle, whereby all you need to work in the kitchen - cooker, fridge and sink - are within a conveniently small area.

This makes L shaped kitchens a great choice for small spaces, open plan spaces and also kitchens incorporating an island.

This week’s helpful article covers planning and layout tips for L shaped kitchens, and ideas for small L shaped kitchens. Read on to find out more!

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

Utilising two walls at a 90 degree angle, an L shaped kitchen layout can be easily adapted to create a multi-functional space for the whole family. Ultimately, an L shaped kitchen layout is:

> Highly functional

> Ergonomic

> Easy to maintain

> And Practical

For these reasons, it’s a popular kitchen layout choice. It’s flexible, functional, and can seamlessly be incorporated into almost any size or shaped room, whether closed or open plan living is preferred.

L Shaped Kitchen with Island

An L shaped kitchen layout works perfectly with an island in the centre. Creating a classic or contemporary look, an L shaped kitchen with an island offers a multi-functional space for the whole family.

The most standard installation of an L shaped kitchen with island is where a unit is situated in the middle of the room and framed by the L shape of the kitchen units. If you’re short on space, we’d advise you combine your island as a dining space or breakfast bar, so as to not have to also incorporate additional seating space for eating.

In larger, more open plan spaces, an L shaped kitchen with island can provide balance when placed in the middle of the room. Using the island as a seating, breakfast bar area creates the perfect space for entertaining, whether informal dinners or evening drinks.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

L shaped kitchen designs maximise available wall space, helping to maintain a spacious feel in the room. As a result, opting for this design choice is great for small kitchens, open plan kitchens and kitchens where you’re wanting to incorporate an island.

When considering L shaped kitchen designs the best approach is to consider the golden triangle positioning of your fridge, cooker and sink.

Flattening one side of the triangle as you only have two walls, design the space with the above appliances in mind, ensuring they are in easy reach of one another and strategically encompassing strategically between them. For example, storing pans near the cooker enables a more practical cooking experience.

If one leg of the L shape is longer than the other, use the longest side to maximise your worktop counter space, placing bigger appliances on the short side. Similarly, and depending on whether you incorporate an island, you can utilise this additional unit as your cooking station, reverting back to the golden triangle formation and installing an appliance at each point.

Small L Shaped Kitchen Ideas

As an L shaped kitchen layout opens up the available floor space, it offers large storage opportunities while maintaining space to move around. Proper utilisation of this cupboard space will make an L shaped kitchen the perfect choice for small spaces.

Due to its two-wall 90 degree angle, installation of kitchen cupboards means that you have the perfect opportunity to make use of corner spaces which often go unused. As an example, clever corner storage shelving turns awkward areas into practical spaces to store kitchen essentials.

Another popular idea for small L shaped kitchens is to design a space that encompasses a combination of standard and tall wall units, cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Considering what you need early on in the design process will make housing cooking appliances a breeze and in turn keep the work space clear and tidy, helping to create the illusion of space when in use.

Our final small L shaped kitchen ideas is to ensure you keep colours on the light side. Whether this includes choosing white goods, light cabinets, soft worktops or a reflective floor covering, it will help bounce light around the room and make it feel bigger than it is.

For more inspiration, visit one of our kitchen showroom located in Leeds and Mirfield, or book a free design appointment with one of our kitchen design experts today.

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